The First Wave of Gift Certificate Winners Announced!

by Jeff
gcard The First Wave of Gift Certificate Winners Announced!

As Andrew announced last week, we’re giving away $3,000 in gift certificates to random customers between now and the end of the year. That’s $100 in gift certificates every day! Here are the winners from Black Friday weekend:


* Scott in Colorado

* Jonathan in Maryland

* Perry in Arizona

* Brian in Washington

* Christina in Florida


* Donna in New York

* Julio in Massachusetts

* Ana in Maryland

* Curtis in Colorado

* Dana in Louisiana


* Christopher in Australia

* Leslie in Pennsylvania

* Dominique in Massachusetts

* Gwyneth in Hawaii

* Jason in Indiana

Each of these customers has received a $20 gift certificate, just for shopping at! So far we’ve been splitting the $100 five ways each day, but we might just award the entire thing to one customer on occasion. So keep shopping at–check out our Cyber Monday deals to get some great discounts, to boot.

We’ll announce each week’s winners every Monday right here on the blog, so check back often! We’ll also announce the winners as they’re picked here!

Questions? Comments? Ideas to make this giveaway even better? We want to hear from you–post below!

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