The First One

by Ariel Lazo

Apocmessiahwar1-228x300 The First One One of the best villains of all time in my opinion is, Apocalypse a.k.a. En Sabah Nur. Unfortunately, he got a really bad rap in the X-Men: Apocalypse movie but, then again the X-Men movies were already going down hill at this time. Now with the X-Men coming into the MCU will we see “The First One” on the big screen?

Jonathan Hickman (Can’t praise this man enough for bringing life back into the X-Men) has brought back the man we all love to hate, Apocalypse. But is this the same terrifying god-like being that we have always come to know or is there more hidden behind the scenes…

To know him is to love him…Apocalypse is one mutant who has connections with almost the entire Marvel Universe in so many ways. He is to be believed the first to have and express the mutant X-gene, giving him immense powers, his iconic grey skin, and blue lips. Rescued by Baal of the Sandstormers, he learned to live by Darwin’s rule of survival of the fittest, an ideal that will guide him forever. While living with the Sandstormers, Kang the Conqueror arrives fully knowing who Apocalypse really is and his future potential. A rumble happens and Baal and Apocalypse are injured, but Baal on his deathbed tells his protege about alien tech in a cave that once belonged to the Celestials. During his travels, he also meets with the Eternals, Ikaris and Sersi, tries to kill Thor only to be stopped by Odin, defeats Count Dracula, and creates the fabulous Mister Sinister. This is only his early stuff!!

Now to modern times…*If you are not caught up with HOX or POX skip below!*

In HOX and POX, we have learned that Apocalypse helped Krakoa when demonic forces burst through, cracking the island in half. After defeating them, he left his Horsemen there to guard it in case they ever return again. Due to their history, Apocalypse sees the island as a home and is actually welcomed by, who else? Professor X! Apocalypse worked with Moira and had many parts to play in this storyline but nothing compares to him shaking Charles’s hand becoming, “One people. From this day forward.” First time ever we see one of the most powerful and greatest enemies of the X-Men, praise them for finally seeing themselves as the fittest, for finally putting their foot down. Apocalypse being accepted and even making it on the council is something we would have never ever seen before. Question is, is Apocalypse being truthful or playing a role? I can see this setting the stage for a new version of The Twelve, where Apocalypse took 11 mutants to drain them of their powers to become a God. Plus isn’t it weird that the Krakoan language and the Knull language, but that’s for another day.

*Start reading from here down if you skipped above*

With a possible resurgence of this classic titan, some of his keys are starting to rise. Here are some keys for you to check out:

x-factor_6-195x300 The First One

X-Factor #6

This is the first FULL appearance of Apocalypse. His first cameo can be seen in X-Factor #5. Currently, grades at an 8.5 have seen an 84% increase in sales while a 9.0 has seen a 13% increase. Even if he doesn’t make it to the big screen (keeping fingers crossed he does) it is still a good key to own for the right price.





X-Factor #15 x-factor_15-194x300 The First One

This is the issue where we meet the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse, albeit not the original ones that are guarding the demon hole of Krakoa but still important characters. Angel has his wings amputated and restored by Apocalypse as long as he joins as a Horseman. Marvel #1000 actually has him resurrecting ALL his Horseman! Currently a 9.8 has a 33% increase in sales, 9.6 is at 35%, 9.4 is at 27% and the highest for now is 9.2’s seeing a rise of almost 43% in sales. The numbers don’t lie!



Excalibur #1bexcalibur_1-195x300 The First One

This is part of the Dawn of X series which features the 1st team appearance of a new Excalibur team: Captain Britain (Betsy Braddock), Jubilee, Gambit, Rogue, Rictor, and who else, ApocalypseI cannot wait to dive into this series and see what the future holds for the first of his kind, first of his name, Father of all and Protector of Krakoa, Apocalypse. The issues in the Dawn of X series should be a instant grab. Who knows what the future issues will entail but look at how the HOX and POX first issues jumped in value. Regardless it should make for a great read!




There you have a quick, crash course with some possible spec for one of the most dangerous mutants to ever exist, Apocalypse. Come on be honest, even saying his name brings tremors down your back with flashbacks of the X-Men cartoons as they try and take him down… ahh memories…

Hope you enjoyed! Till next time! Happy Hunting!


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