The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Long-Shot

by Norman Robinson III

121453_425bc1768b8fbaa6749c43c48495de4a0d165273-199x300 The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Long-ShotThe Falcon and the Winter Soldier are an interesting team-up. Both rely on technology to do their thing. Though Winter Soldier is supposed to be a Cap clone as far as physical abilities go. The Falcon is simply a normal combat soldier. The word combat should be the focus as this shared background (both were soldiers) will probably have one or both using weapons. Recently, the trailer that dropped for The Falcon and The Winter Soldier held few surprises; but it did please us with a solid shield throw by Macke. What does this show offer the speculator? Further, is there a possible long-term investment here? The bottom line is this trailer dropped a few months back confirms Marvel is moving forward and past this pandemic (hopefully with safety in mind). But the series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will definitely impact prices; will it be a positive impact or a negative one?





u-g-PYUAIR0-300x225 The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Long-ShotCaptain America #117

The first appearance of The Falcon was in Captain America #117 it was written by Stan Lee and the pencils were a team of the best artists Marvel had at the time: Gene Colan, John Romita, and Jack Kirby.  They created this character in the summer of 1969.

A lot was happening in the United States in 1969. The Apollo 11 began its historic voyage to the Moon in July, Monty Python’s Flying Circus had been created, Woodstock (legendary rock concert) happened during the summer, and a little known thing called the Internet was invented. It was a time of change and upheaval so why not expand readership to include more minority superheroes? Though Falcon would never work as originally conceived in the movies. The newer version played admirably by Anthony Macke has been a delight in theaters. They made him a flying techno-soldier and it works, especially when he targets foes with mini-missiles. Speaking of targeting is Captain America #117 worthy as a speculative target to buy now? Or, is it simply a solid Silver Age key to invest in the long-term?



Title Grade Term CGC Census % Catalyst Return
Captain America #117 6.5 Long 2001 100% -5.1%
6.5 1-year Disney Show Sch -2.9%
6.5 YTD -7%

Captain-America-171-300x155 The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Long-ShotWell, perhaps the first appearance of Falcon hasn’t increased as much as we like over the years. But these numbers are downright depressing. With increasing declines the only positive thing for this comic is the small CGC Census number with only 2,001 books. Now, with everything going on in a macro sense, it could kick some Silver Age keys like Captain America #117 to the corner. Relegating them to declines and no uptick from the news of this interesting series eventually appearing on Disney+. However, once the show opens and we get a glimpse of these two heroes and their various adversaries it might catch on. Though could and might are not necessarily the strongest arguments toward purchasing this key. That is quite simply why they call this speculation.


121453_425bc1768b8fbaa6749c43c48495de4a0d165273-199x300 The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Long-ShotConclusion

As a speculation, Captain America #117 is probably “for the birds” (pun intended). That said, you should have at least something with Falcon prior to the series; just in case it ends up being like Daredevil on Netflix, a hit. Of course, it could turn out to be bad much like the Affleck Daredevil abomination movie; in that case, don’t brag ahead of time about purchasing a copy to your speculation pals. After all, you don’t want them to “crow” about what a speculative loser you are.

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