The Explosion of Quasar

by Michael Vlachakis

131327_02b8a5583381d1d3acf2b4e90907b9fc2aa24776-193x300 The Explosion of Quasar

The comic book market has been in a bit of a lull since End Game finished up and, apparently, gave everyone a breather.  That is not to say there hasn’t been action or value being had, it just seems like some of the wind has been let out of the sails over the past few months.  Remember when Deadpool first appearances were going for over $1000?  That has slowed significantly and is closer to $800.  The great news is though…rare books are showing up more often, if you can afford them.  Lets get ready for some Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) Phase V speculation by seeing what may be heating up!

We are already beginning to see a swell in the prices of characters rumored to be in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.  Beta Ray Bill prices for a 9.8 have gone from the $400 range to the $500-$600 range in just a few weeks time.  We are starting to see anything Quasar related hit the market with speculation price inflation built in.  If you are having trouble finding a first appearance of Quasar, you are not alone.  Wendell Vaughn  appears as Marvel Man in Captain America #217 and copies in the higher grades are relatively rare on the census.  Marvel Man later changes his name to the more recognizable Quasar within the pages of Incredible Hulk #234.  Copies of Incredible Hulk #234 are more readily available on the market, but we are already beginning to see the speculation price inflation set in.  A copy of Incredible Hulk #234, in a 9.8 grade, could have been scooped up for $200-$300 a few months ago, but you are going to need some extra money from your wallet now because currently this book is hitting the market at the $700 price-point.  Only time will tell if they actually begin to sell at that number.  One recent listing at $400 flew off the market.

With Warlock already teased at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, I really have to wonder about how far a character like Quasar can go in the MCU (and in correlation: how high his comic values can rise).  We have seen a plethora of characters get underwhelming developed by Marvel when compared to their comic version:  The Mandarin, Ghost, Minn-erva, etc.  How can Marvel expect to possibly do a full development of both the Warlock and Quasar characters while still making it worth while  (don’t forget the Beta Ray Bill rumors as well)?  Since they are similar conceptually, I doubt both Warlock and Quasar are going to each get a solo movie, it doesn’t seem to make sense with Marvel’s history.  Warlock is definitely the more popular, and valuable, of the two properties and has already been teased in the upcoming MCU. It feels like Quasar in going to be the second fiddle here and probable lose out in the race for popularity.  It might be wise to wait and see with this particular character…and avoid the speculation price inflation curve.

Do you think Quasar is going to be introduced in the MCU and if so will it be a prominent featuring of the character?  Who is your best best for a character going forward?  Drop you comments and join the speculation!

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