The Domino Theory

by Norman Robinson III

149662_e87e57083c5745ba4ad8f74fd0c3f5699ce44d32-198x300 The Domino Theory

X-Force #11

The latest Deadpool 2 trailer shows Domino as part of Deadpool’s team of reprobates. Her character’s powers are “luck” based, yes we are scraping the bottom of the barrel on this origin. Domino is also, a deadly mercenary kind of similar to Deadpool except her luck allows her to survive many action-laden events in her story. Domino’s second appearance is in X-Force #11 (1992) created by Rob Liefeld, Fabian Nicieza (script) with Liefeld and Mark Pacella (pencils). Supposedly during the movie, she joins the “super-duper band” Deadpool is creating, which makes her a founding member on screen. Another bright aspect of this superhero is her second appearance comic is a multi-key; it is the sixth appearance of Deadpool in comics. Also, the second “real” Domino appearance, and the first appearance of Canada’s weapon P.R.I.M.E. (Wiki). Therefore buying Domino’s second appearance, you end up owning three keys for the price of one; this alone is reason enough to own X-Force #11 without any other criteria considered.

Movie Catalyst

Is this character worthy of consideration as a speculative play on the movie Deadpool 2? The answer is hot as a Chimichanga, heck yeah! Domino appears in the latest Deadpool trailer which is off the hook. Tying this character to Deadpool is smart by Ryan Reynolds, a guy who, let’s face it, was a name looking for a career before Deadpool. Now, he is Deadpool! So Domino has the catalyst of a new movie coming out, with several scenes showcasing her abilities and a couple of nice lines. Think of her as Deadpool minus the healing factor with ridiculous good karma. Yeah, I know, take a deep breath count to five and continue reading this blog. Also, Domino has enhanced reflexes and agility. Otherwise, just your standard badass gun toting, good guy, a sociopath with sex appeal. Perhaps the perfect foil for Deadpool deviancy and sardonic wit.

Sales Consistency

Does this book produce returns? The answer: Domino rocks financial consistency, the price point timing is near perfect, and as long as she is tied in with Pool’s franchise she will continue to nibble on some of his staying power like a rat. Currently, the fair market value for a mint CGC comic book of X-Force #11 is $90. Furthermore, this grade (9.8) has returned 22.3% over last three months. Over the last several years there have been 1027 sales, which has produced a return of 61%. The grade of (7.5) is even higher with a 99.5% return, the same term. This book is still cheap, and mint to near mint goes for about $100 to $150. This book is too cheap to pass up in my humble opinion.

Domino Theory Confirmed

This Domino Theory is reasonably easy to support as this character is just getting started on her “Marvelous” journey. With tons of gore and Ad nauseum tasteless jokes for teenagers, Deadpool 2 is going to hack through the undergrowth of supporting cast and leave Domino to shine. She is beautiful, deadly and works for the Merc with a mouth. What is not to love?

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