The Demon #1 Potential, or Pariah?

by Norman Robinson III

123711_e258f8cc2b539ba462c2a2d42892def42762348b-204x300 The Demon #1 Potential, or Pariah?Warner Brothers have been rumored to be working on a Justice League Dark series. One of the characters later in the series JLD was Etrigan the Demon. The Demon has been around DC since 1972. He first appeared in The Demon #1 by Jack Kirby who created both script and art. The tomb door (censorship) was propped open to horror comics, in the early 70s. Why not do a comic book on the friendly DC Demon?

As the story goes, Kirby was poked and prodded into doing horror, “Kirby had no interest in horror comics but created Etrigan the Demon in response to a demand from DC for a horror character. Kirby was annoyed that the first issue sold so well; that DC required him to do sixteen issues and abandon his Fourth World titles” (Source: Wiki). The series only lasted 16 issues, but eventually, Etrigan appeared throughout the DC chronology, even becoming a supporting character in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman.




Demon #1c1964303ebea89edfe2e08bb153a1da2-300x200 The Demon #1 Potential, or Pariah?

With a creator who neither cared nor wanted him, poor Etrigan the Demon wandered the DC landscape for years. Then eventually another series was created, the four-issue mini-series by Matt Wagner in 1987. He had a longer run in the 90s making it almost five years on that series. Now, this is important and bodes well for this creature from Hell. Etrigan the Demon has several powers that make him an interesting fit in the JLD. He is immortal, has superhuman strength, extrasensory powers, regeneration, precognition, telepathy and, best of all, he can blast foolish mortals with flames of mystical hellfire. Can this creature from the depths of Hell, this misbegotten superhero, this son of Belial cursed by Merlin to host Jason Blood for all eternity; can Demon #1  possibly make hellish positive profit margins?


123711_e258f8cc2b539ba462c2a2d42892def42762348b-204x300 The Demon #1 Potential, or Pariah?Long-term

  • Grade 9.8 $4,263 last sale 11-1-19 returns positive +16%
  • Grade 9.2 $240 last sale 2-7-20 returns negative +24%
  • Grade 6.5 $89 last sale 12-21-19 returns positive +29%

Potential Catalyst

If the JLD does come to life for Warner Brothers at some point and Etrigan the Demon is part of the bundle; then and probably only then will this book increase in value beyond its regular +10-15% per year price point. I know there is a deal between Warner Brothers and Netflix for a Sandman TV series. If that happens, then Etrigan the Demon might be seen because as I mentioned earlier he was a supporting cast in the Sandman comic. Therefore, if they (WB) ever get Gaiman’s Sandman off the ground, the Demon #1 might get a blast of hellfire up its tailpipe. I know it is a long shot!


This comic book has a current CGC Census of 860, an outstanding number. This is not anywhere near full capacity and great news. The thing that worries me about this book is grades 6.0 through to 8.5 are almost the same price at around $80 or so. Apparently, it doesn’t pay to be a Demon created by Jack Kirby. My suggestion is to pick up this cheap Bronze Age key and hope the stars align. Fair warning, any speculator could be dragged straight down to Hell if Etrigan remains unwanted.


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