The Declining State of the Iron Fist Keys

by Matt Tuck

Marvel-Premiere-15-199x300 The Declining State of the Iron Fist KeysRemember when collectors went crazy for Iron Fist? That seems like a distant memory after season one of the Netflix show pretty well killed the market. With season two on the horizon, will the pendulum swing in the right direction?

Poor Iron Fist. It wasn’t long ago that he seemed poised to be at the forefront of the comics world. After the success of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage, and Defenders on the horizon, 2017 was looking like it would be Iron Fist’s year. When it came to the comic market, it definitely was.

Marvel Premiere #15, featuring the first appearance of the Immortal Iron Fist, was one of the hottest issues of 2016. A graded 8.5, for example, more than doubled in sales, jumping from 20 in 2015 to 45 in 2016. The number of sales weren’t the only thing moving that year; MP #15 brought as much as $448 and no less than $263. Compare that with 2015, which saw a high of $359.

That wasn’t the only Iron Fist key that got a boost from the Netflix anticipation. Iron Fist #1 was also a hot comic to have in your collection between 2015 and 2016. In 2015, a graded 9.4 sold for a high of $350, and 33 of that same grade sold on eBay the next year.

Then we saw the show, and it was truly awful. It was so awful that it ruined the market for Iron Fist’s keys.

As I told you about in yesterday’s post, “Power Pack in the MCU?,” the past 12 months have been brutal to that first appearance. Across the board, just about every grade of MP #15 has experienced a significant drop in fair market value. A graded 9.4, which had been earning an average of $803 in 2016, has steadily fallen. In 2017, it averaged $747, and since last July, it’s fair market value has slipped to $662. What’s worse news is that the slide isn’t over yet; the 90-day average is down to $631. This is the case for almost all other grades, and it’s all thanks to a bad Netflix show.

How about that Iron Fist #1? The days of a 9.4 bringing $350 are in the past as its value is at a seven-year low. So far this year, a 9.4 Iron Fist #1 has sold for a high of $250 and a low of $139. Those numbers haven’t been this bad since 2011 when the high was $204 and the low was $94.

How’s the future looking for the Protector of K’un L’un?

Just last week, Marvel dropped the trailer for the second season of Iron Fist. There’s a chance this could be a boon for those collectors who overpaid in 2015-2016. If it grabs enough interest, we’ll see the market start to turn in favor of Iron Fist. However, that’s unlikely at this point. Season one, for all intents and purposes, ruined Iron Fist. Defenders didn’t help much, either. Put those two together, and you’ve got an audience who is gun-shy when it comes to green-and-yellow ninjas. The only real hope for Iron Fist is if this season is a major improvement on its past mistakes, but I’m not so sure it will be. For now, steer clear of Iron Fist keys. If season two ends up actually being worse than season one, we’re going to see some record lows.

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