THE DAMNED ongoing series launches with $1 first issue

by Jeff

697830_320 THE DAMNED ongoing series launches with $1 first issueMedia Release — Oni Press, Portland’s premier independent comic book publisher, announced The Damned, a brand new ongoing series from the award-winning creators of The Sixth Gun. Cullen Bunn, Brian Hurtt, and Bill Crabtree have reunited for The Damned #1, a brand new chapter in their famous demonic noir tale of tommy-guns and hellfire.

This brand new ongoing series debuts with a $1.00 first issue that hits store shelves just in time for Free Comic Book Day 2017. The new #1 is a perfect fit for new and returning fans; it’s a jumping on point for anyone who has never heard of The Damned, and this #1 issue picks up right where the trade left off.

The Damned #1 will be available in comic book shops on May 3, 2017. Available for pre-order now at local comic book shops with Diamond Order Code MAR171937. The final order cutoff for comic shop retailers is Monday, April 10.


Perfect for fans on The Fade Out, Hellboy, Preacher, The Sixth Gun, Fatale, Parker, and Harrow County!

(W) Cullen Bunn (A/CA) Brian Hurtt (C) Bill Crabtree
Diamond Order Code: MAR171937
Final Order Cutoff: 4/10/17
In Stores: 5/3/17
Age Rating: Mature, 16+ Genre: Crime, Fantasy
Price: $1 Page Count: 32

In a Prohibition-era world where demonic princes pull the strings that make crime families dance, Eddie is a mortal with two things working for him.

First of all, he can’t die. Well, he can and does, quite often, but he doesn’t stay down for long. Second, Eddie runs the Gehenna Room, a nightclub with a strict “no demons allowed” policy. But blessings and curses don’t look all that different these days, and failing to tell the two apart can get a guy killed–over and over again in Eddie’s case.

So when one of Eddie’s old pals shows up seeking sanctuary, Eddie knows he’s in for a double-cross, and that means walking the line between salvation and damnation once more.

Praise for THE DAMNED

“The book crackles with the flair of those classic gangster films of Old Hollywood starring the likes of Jimmy Cagney but with a little bit of Hellboy brand of creature horror thrown in.” mental_floss

“The Damned is a perfect blend between horror and crime. It takes the best aspects of both genres, bringing them together to make something scary yet intriguing.” HorrorTalk

“From an introduction of an anti-hero that complex, to meeting various horned demonic mobsters, and to the typical cast of dames, cheap hoods, and tommy guns that all noir novels are incomplete without, this story grabs you by the face while simultaneously unweaving a complex murder mystery. I enjoyed every second.” AiPTcomics

“Everything from the snappy patter of the book’s movers and shakers to the serpentine mystery at the centre of the plot evokes the noir sensibilities and hardboiled tone of classic crime fiction. Under Bunn and Hurtt’s artistic guidance, The Damned transports readers to another time and place, celebrating an exciting era of fiction and history that continues to resonate with audiences almost 100 years later.” Broken Frontier

About Oni Press, Inc.:

Oni Press is a premier comic book and graphic novel publisher located in Portland, Oregon. Founded in 1997, Oni Press is run by Founder and Publisher Joe Nozemack and Editor-in-Chief James Lucas Jones. Oni Press’s curated line includes a variety of best-selling, award-winning, original and licensed comic books and graphic novels, including: [adult swim]’s Rick and Morty, Nickelodeon’s Invader ZIM, Scott Pilgrim, Queen & Country, Courtney Crumrin, Wasteland, The Sixth Gun, Stumptown, Wet Moon, Letter 44, The Bunker, The Life After, The Coldest City, and Kaijumax.

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