The D23 Effect: Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur

by Matt Tuck

Devil-Dinosaur-1-195x300 The D23 Effect: Moon Girl and Devil DinosaurDisney’s D23 conference put collectors on the trails of several key issues, including Devil Dinosaur and Moon Girl. While prices are surging, their key appearances aren’t out of reach quite yet.


For the most part, the recent sales for Devil Dinosaur #1 have all been in the near-mint category. However, we’re not seeing the bigger sales figures compared to the likes of Moon Knight and She-Hulk, so Devil Dinosaur’s keys are still very much affordable. The only grade that is commanding what I consider a truly high price tag is the 9.8. Two years ago, it had a fair market value of $180, which is expected from a Bronze Age first appearance at that grade. Ever since Marvel revealed that a Devil Dinosaur cartoon was in the works, the 12-month FMV jumped to $223. Then came D23, and the show’s official inclusion on Disney+ has boosted the 9.8 to a record-high $367 sale from September 15.

In comparison, the 9.6 is a cheaper option that will present just as well as its counterpart. Like the near-mint+ grade, the 9.6 was bolstered by the D23 news, and it has twice sold for a record $130 – first on August 31 and again on September 13. Keep in mind that for the past year, it has been an $81 comic.

The price for the 9.4 drops considerably to a high sale of $85 on September 2. Considering it had an FMV of $51 only two years ago, and you can see how far this issue has come in the past 24 months. What’s surprising is that it’s still cheaper than the 9.2, which brought $90 on August 24. 

Moon-Girl-and-Devil-Dinosaur-1-201x300 The D23 Effect: Moon Girl and Devil DinosaurMOON GIRL AND DEVIL DINOSAUR #1

In 2015, Devil Dinosaur was given a modern sidekick in Lunella Lafayette (aka Moon Girl). Since D23, her first appearance has picked up, though not so much as Devil Dinosaur’s debut. 

Last year, a 9.8 Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1 averaged $115, which was up from the 2018 FMV of $75. After the cartoon series was announced, prices have bumped closer to the $150-$200 range. One truly excited buyer paid a whopping $340 for a 9.8 on August 29. Aside from that outlier, the highest single sale has been the more reasonable $210 from September 15.

Since Moon Girl only debuted four years ago, there is no shortage of 9.8s for her first appearance. That’s why there’s such a discrepancy between the 9.8 and the 9.6, which recently sold for $106 on September 9. Still, considering that a 9.6 averaged just $30 in 2017, it’s a testament for the character’s newfound popularity that it’s seen such a vast increase in value.


When buying up the Devil Dinosaur and Moon Girl first appearances, keep in mind that the ceiling for a cartoon series is much shorter versus a live-action series. In general, the cartoon will appeal to a smaller audience, thus limiting the mainstream appeal. That doesn’t mean that their first appearances can’t skyrocket. If there’s enough popularity, then Marvel may have more in store for the pair, and I wouldn’t put it out of the realm of possibility for Disney to produce an animated movie. It’s definitely worth the investment to find out.


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