The creators of THE SILENCE OF OUR FRIENDS visit the Cartoon Art Museum

by Jeff

nov110979 The creators of THE SILENCE OF OUR FRIENDS visit the Cartoon Art MuseumMedia Release — The Cartoon Art Museum welcomes authors Mark Long and Jim Demonakos and artist Nate Powell as they discuss The Silence of Our Friends, their graphic novel chronicling the American Civil Rights Movement, published in January 2012 by First Second Books. This presentation and booksigning is free and open to the public.

About The Silence of Our Friends:

As the civil rights struggle heats up in Texas, two families—one white, one black—find common ground.

This semi-autobiographical tale is set in 1967 Texas, against the backdrop of the fight for civil rights. A white family from a notoriously racist neighborhood in the suburbs and a black family from its poorest ward cross Houston’s color line, overcoming humiliation, degradation, and violence to win the freedom of five black college students unjustly charged with the murder of a policeman.

The Silence of Our Friends follows events through the point of view of young Mark Long, whose father is a reporter covering the story. Semi-fictionalized, this story has its roots solidly in very real events. With art from the brilliant Nate Powell (Swallow Me Whole) bringing the tale to heart-wrenching life, The Silence of Our Friends is a new and important entry in the body of civil rights literature for older teens and adults.

MARK LONG is a video game designer and producer living in Seattle. The Silence of Our Friends is based on Long’s childhood experiences with the civil rights movement in suburban Houston, Texas.

JIM DEMONAKOS founded Seattle’s annual Emerald City Comicon, as well as The Comic Stop chain of retail stores.

NATE POWELL is the author and illustrator of the graphic novel Swallow Me Whole (an LA Times Book Prize finalist, the 2009 Eisner Award winner for Best Graphic Novel, and an Ignatz Award winner).

About First Second Books:

First Second Books publishes great graphic novels for all ages of reader. See more at .

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