The Comixalaxy Reviews: OLD MAN LOGAN #9

by Jeff

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Old Man Logan #9
Writer: Jeff Lemire
Artist: Andrea Sorrentino
Colorist: Marcelo Maiolo
Letters: Cory Petit
Publisher: Marvel
Release Date: 07/27/2016

Writer Jeff Lemire’s Old Man Logan is arguably the strongest of the current ongoing X-Men books. Thankfully it hasn’t diverted itself into either of the tiresome “Civil War II” or “Apocalypse Wars” events/crossovers, and by being allowed to tell its own story, its created one hell of book. In the previous issue, Lemire detracted from the ongoing story to bring a very character driven issue. In which he built upon the Logan and young Jean Grey relationship, as well as executing some fantastic, genuine moments with some old friends, including Jubilee, Steve Rogers, Clint Barton, and Puck. Issue nine brings the narrative back to course with the start of a new story arc, “The Last Ronin”.

Logan is done waiting for the chaos to be brought to him, now he’s on a mission to bring the turmoil to to those who’ve wronged him, in particular, Lady Deathstrike. This is in response to the previous arc, where she and her band of Reavers attacked him in a remote mining town Killhorn Falls, in northern Canada. However they used innocent people to goad Logan to come out of hiding and it was their blood, not his that were spilled. This issue follows Logan as he ventures to Japan, after receiving a lead of her whereabouts. However it may be Lady Deathstrike herself who needs rescue, as adversaries from Logan’s past come back into the mix.

Jeff Lemire for one has done a superb job of expanding on the original “Old Man Logan” story, written by Mark Millar in 2008. Rather then continuing the story where Millar left off however, he decided to take Logan to the present and given us a character fixed on changing the future. A topic that’s in the spotlight this moment with Civil War II in progress, only here its characters are executed in an engaging way and makes us care about them. From the moments with Jean Grey and the reunions with Jubilee, to the heartfelt scenes with his future wife Maureen where they are hell-bent on survival.

Another appreciation to be held by this series is tying back Logan to Japan. He’s had a long sordid pass with the island nation. From his first visit there after him and other X-Men escaped the Savage Land during the Chris Claremont/John Byrne run, to modern Hollywood film adaptations. The adversaries of the past play a great mystery element to this issue. As they’re given the appearance of strong, legitimate threats by their handling of Lady Deathstrike.

comixalaxy_1 The Comixalaxy Reviews: OLD MAN LOGAN #9There are some fantastic artist working on Marvel books at the moment. From Chris Bachalo on Doctor Strange, to Russell Dauterman on the Mighty Thor. Those given their praise, if I had to pick the one Marvel series with the best visuals, it would have to be Old Man Logan. Andrea Sorrentino’s work in this book is beyond glorious. This issue isn’t exactly filled with action, when it does unfold however, it leaves a fearsome impact. However the quieter moments shouldn’t be overlooked as they are bleeding with emotion and atmosphere. To the wintry forest of Canada, to the exotic landscape of Japan. All visualized in a neo-noir style that you can’t help but become mesmerized.

Final Verdict

Old Man Logan #9 is a strong start, to a promising new story arc, to the seemingly best X-Men series at the moment. Jeff Lemire has added to the lure of not just Logan, but those in his supporting cast. The use of old friends and backdrops really kicks the emotional stakes into high gears, as the investment levels are through the roof. With Andrea Sorrentino going above and beyond the satisfaction levels with her visuals, this is the one Marvel title that fans should be clamoring about.

Score: 5 out of 5

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