The Coming of Phase V!!!

by Michael Vlachakis

118643_ec1fe51db751f05915131fc54530a9fc6f73dcbc-1-200x300 The Coming of Phase V!!!

We are all Watchers, and we all want to stay ahead of the speculation curve to make our collection the best it can possibly be.  But having a slight edge on the competition when collecting comics is difficult even when you try to use the data to the best of your abilities.  Following all the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) Phase V info that was dropped this weekend, it is time to start our prognostications and see if we can figure out the next big thing.  Let’s do a quick rundown of some upcoming projects that have been announced and how you can stack your collection.

Black Widow – So unfortunately “Black Widow Movie” is not Marvel code for anything better.  Apparently this is happening.  I am sure it will be a cool movie and well done from a cinematic standpoint, but WTF?  She’s dead, I don’t care about the past, and I don’t fully understand what Marvel is trying to do here.  How will all of this tie into the bigger vision for Marvel?  No one knows but to me it just feels like a bit of a “thank you” to Scarlert Johansson for hanging with the Avenger boys for so long or some other weird character send off (which, I feel, was already accomplished with End Game).  Either way, of all the upcoming Marvel projects, this moves me the least.  We are seeing some spikes in Avengers #196 with the first appearance of Taskmaster, but I don’t know if we will get much market pop beyond that.

Blade – Of all the announcements at ComicCon, Blade appeared to get most of the surprised disbelief from fans.  If you have been keeping up with our blog page, you know that myself and a few fellow speculators have been big on Blade for a while now.  The lingering question becomes…in what format will Blade be released?  There was no mention of a movie, however, with the hype being palpable this morning, we can hope for the best.  Copies of Tomb of Dracula #10 have been on the incline for over a year now, and we should see a continued climb in prices, especially at the high grades.

More Thor(s) – Another Thor movie as good as Ragnarok would be awesome.  I assume we will be privy to more fun, excitement, and exposure to more of the MCU and it’s myriad of characters and locales.  My main question is how they plan to reintroduce Natalie Portman into the Thor story line?  Especially since she has been more of an afterthought, or punchline, in recent movies.  It appears that the prospect of a Lady Thor has even taken a bit of the wind out of Beta Ray Bill’s sails (and sales).  Jane Foster Thor comics are rocking the market today.  Will it last?

Galactus – Among all the hoopla and surprises we got some great speculation nuggets to chew on.  We all knew The Eternals were on the horizon but I have been trying to figure out why an Eternals movie is necessary (along with the small note that the Fantastic Four (FF) are in the MCU plans).  I am now completely convinced the answer has to be Galactus.  The Eternals allows for an introduction of this character along with the set-up for a FF team needing to neutralize a big threat.  If not for introducing Galactus, I am left wondering…why I need to see The Eternals…how it fits into the larger MCU scheme…and what it means for comic values outside of the title?

Are you excited about the recent Marvel announcements?  Is there a character or movie that you are speculating on that was not mentioned?  Drop you comments and join the speculation!

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Jim C. July 23, 2019 - 9:29 am

The Black Widow film is likely to introduce characters that could play major roles going forward. The Red Guardian (David Arbor) and the Iron Maiden (Rachel Weiscz). Also we may end up with a new Black Widow, Yelena (Florence Pugh). These characters would play roles in future MCU films, especially Dark Avengers and New Avengers, if they go that route. I wouldn’t brush off the value of the Black Widow movie. These specs might just be longer term plays until we are clearer on the roles these characters will play in future MCU films, shows and phases.

Richard James Chappelle July 23, 2019 - 2:10 pm

Maybe Dr Doom or Annihilus before Galactus?


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