The Coming Marvel Bronze Age Explosion: Bronze Age Books Yet to Peak

by Blaise Tassone

tumblr_oi194elFng1qcy5lco2_1280-259x300 The Coming Marvel Bronze Age Explosion: Bronze Age Books Yet to Peak

Books like Incredible Hulk #181, Marvel Special Edition #15 and now Tomb of Dracula #10 have reached all-time record sale prices. It seems that the high sales prices once accruing for many Marvel Silver Age books are finally starting to transfer over to their Bronze Age cousins.

One big difference between Silver and Bronze age books, however, is that many Bronze Age titles have yet to reach their full potential.

In this post I’m going to list four Marvel Bronze Age books that I believe still haven’t fully peaked.

What this means is that if you were kicking yourself after the announcement there would be a ‘Blade’ movie and the prices on Tomb of Dracula started to hit record levels, some of these books might make good consolation prizes.

I’ll be the first to admit that I was uncertain about Blade’s prospects in the MCU; so I didn’t pull the trigger on getting ToD #10 when it was relatively affordable.

Well, if you missed the Blade train like I did, this post is for you.

Here I’ll list some Bronze Age comics that I think still have room to grow. That is not to say that all of these are super-affordable at the moment, but then again – neither was Tomb of Dracula #10 before SDCC.

In other words, these are books that, even if they may be somewhat pricey right now in high grade, still have room to reach much higher price peaks.

123445_eb1408d9ca75f2350a65f193b165937d2a69eef5-200x300 The Coming Marvel Bronze Age Explosion: Bronze Age Books Yet to Peak

Marvel Premiere #1 (April 1972) – Origin of Adam Warlock; First appearance as Warlock

I start with probably the most certain to appreciate in the near future. Since Adam Warlock has already appeared in the MCU (as a cocoon at least) and is very likely to make a full appearance in the next ‘Guardians’ film there should be nothing holding you back from picking up a copy of Marvel Premiere #1. The last 9.8 copy sold for $5, 500.00 on eBay (06/30/2018) and that’s probably below FMV. Copies in lower grade are still affordable. Don’t hesitate on Adam Warlock.






128857_b14b4e1c564a602b1961861dc93f3d2cdafdb9b7-194x300 The Coming Marvel Bronze Age Explosion: Bronze Age Books Yet to Peak

Marvel Spotlight #32 (February 1977) – First appearance of Spider-Woman; Origin of Spider-Woman

Created by Archie Goodwin and Marie Severin, Spider-Woman started out as a female Spider-man, but has since grown beyond that. Over the last year and a half, this book has been gradually appreciating. Whereas 9.8 certified copies had a fair market value of around $1,150.00 in December 2018, today that grade sells for $1, 300.00. 9.6 copies were selling for circa $350.00 a year and a half ago. Today, they sell for $400.00. The CGC census numbers have exploded over the last year and a half: from 1, 855 total copies on record in Dec. 2018 to 2,149 total today. Will Spider-woman/Jessica Drew appear in the MCU? There’s already talk about it (see here). Nothing confirmed as of yet but keep your eyes and ears open.





122257_f971f43c0607561903995a5361219272fb50e0ea-203x300 The Coming Marvel Bronze Age Explosion: Bronze Age Books Yet to Peak

Conan the Barbarian #1 (September 1970) – First comic book appearance and origin of Conan; Cameo appearance of Kull

To be honest, I’m not fond of the recent Marvel Conan comics, as I am of the older original series, but at least he’s back at Marvel. This cover and comic are so iconic that, for me, it is the comic that represents Bronze Age Sword and Sorcery. With its fine Barry Windsor-Smith cover art and Roy Thomas scripts a year ago this comic was selling in 9.4 for around $650.00 and 9.8 grades were selling for $5,250.00. Today, with 3,508 total copies on the CGC census, a 9.4 will cost you $1,100 and a 9.8 is selling for only $4,100 (with the last 9.8 going for $4, 150.00 in an eBay sale on 05/01/2019). Can it still peak? Yes. What will it take? A catalyst: Conan in the MCU would do it.






127004_06391038e91a7a062a4e6dc0371b0305b09eaff5-195x300 The Coming Marvel Bronze Age Explosion: Bronze Age Books Yet to Peak

Werewolf by Night #32 (August 1975) – First appearance of Moon Knight; Origin of Moon Knight

Werewolf by Night was a good if uneven Marvel series from the Bronze Age. Moon Knight appears close to the end of the run in WWbN #32. This comic and character have consistently maintained fan interest thereafter without a movie or TV show anywhere in sight. In that sense, this comic has even more potential than ToD #10. Will Moon Knight ever appear in the MCU? The last 9.8 of this book sold for an astounding $50, 000.00 (ComicLink Auction on 2/28/2019). 8.0 grades are currently just over $1, 000.00 which means that many people are gambling on this book as a long term investment. Chances for it to rise today are looking better than ever as Marvel is teasing a new move into a horror phase. That alone should maintain values on the book until Moon Knight is finally announced which will positively send prices to the moon.

Many other Marvel Bronze Age comics are currently under-valued. The above is just a sample. Most of the Claremont X-Men run from this era, for example, should also not be overlooked. However, going into that would involve more than one blog post.

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Donato Congialdi July 28, 2019 - 6:53 pm

The only book I agree with is Conan 1 here. The other 3 books are already somewhat hot with the Wbn 32 way overvalued for a B list character… I do agree room for growth on all the books, but that Wbn 32 is out of reach for many

RonnieV July 28, 2019 - 8:28 pm

I agree with your article and about X-men and Claremont. Daredevils are still undervalued, even the main keys. I believe more people are looking at Bronze now like they did Silver ten years ago compared to collecting Golden age books. Another point is, now Silver age books are degrading, internal printing is fading, smudging. Which forces you to buy graded if you want to mitigate this type of risk.

skip melton July 29, 2019 - 7:28 am

Shouldn’t Hero for Hire fit in here as well?

Blaise Tassone July 30, 2019 - 11:01 pm

Hi Skip Melton, well this is only a selection of books- as stated in the post. I think Hero for Hire #1 seriously peaked during the recent Netflix show exposure. It may regain the same values it once had, but I’m honestly not sure how soon (if ever) that will happen…


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