The Bushmaster’s Capoeira is Profitable

by Norman Robinson III

673440_iron-fist-15-195x300 The Bushmaster's Capoeira is ProfitableAre you a Luke Cage fan? Then you should check out the recent trailer, it is phenomenal. One scene, in particular, has the villain Bushmaster open up on Luke Cage with a Capoeira spin kick move that flattens Power Man. Bushmaster is a little-known villain who first appeared in Iron Fist #15. This Luke Cage crook debuts in the last comic book for the original Iron Fist series. Creation of this Harlem hood was by none other than the most prolific X-men writer of the 1980’s Chris Claremont (script). This is one of those surprise villains with little value until now. Quickly, go check your collection for a copy, don’t wait or the Bushmaster may slither away. This is one of those moments where you say, “I think I own that one, lemme look.” Sure enough, some of us do own a copy, and those lucky few are exploding with Capoeira kicks of happiness all the way to the bank.

Iron Fist #15 (1977)

The second season of Luke Cage comes out in eight days on Netflix. If you have one hidden jewels of profits in your collection; then you probably love the character Bushmaster right about now. Those of you that do not own a copy don’t fret, wait six months for a price decline and pick it up then. Chris Claremont, Dave Cockrum, and John Byrne created Iron Fist #15 in the seventies. The world was an entirely different place when this book emerged from the right half of Claremont’s brain in 1977.

Let’s open this comic book time capsule and inhale the nostalgia: Star Wars dominated the box office that year, the first NASA space shuttle launched, the Alaskan Oil Pipeline was completed, Jimmy Carter was elected President of the United States, and sadly the King himself, Elvis Presley, died at 42 years of age in 1977. The good ole’ 1970’s also produced our current villain extraordinaire Bushmaster.  The returns on this book have been outstanding. Just a handful of years ago, you couldn’t give this book away except for completest who wanted the last comic of the series.

Now Iron Fist #15 (1977) has returned +55.5% in a grade (8.5) but is still relatively cheap at $65 FMV. Before you scoff this book was .30 when it appeared on the rack in Woolworth’s (Woolworth’s was a small bargain store back in the day), and previous to announcing a series was right around the $4 price point. If you had invested in this book five years ago, your return would be a Capoeira kick in the pants of +93%! Not bad for you early movers in the Bronze Age of comics. Those Bronze Age collectors are pretty smart! Seriously, this book has “just begun to fight” we could be looking at (8.5) for easily $200 by year-end.

Iron Fist #15 (35 cent variant)

Now, if you prefer extreme rarity and higher prices for your comics the Iron Fist series of that time has price variants. This first Bushmaster also has the Iron Fist #15 (35 cent price variant). Shockingly, Heritage Auctions sold one for $3,824 in 2014 in near mint (9.2) condition (GoCollect). Whew, that return is slick as Bushmaster’s kicks. Note: there have only been four sales of this comic in the last 20 years. The rarity meter is off the charts. The census on this issue has only 33 books in existence (CGC). If you are one of these lucky folks who wake up with this variant in your collection, say “Sweet Christmas!” for me.

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