The Bat-Signal Brilliance

by Norman Robinson III

719916_batman-47-213x300 The Bat-Signal Brilliance

There are several titles that I am predicting will increase in price during 2018. I have chosen one comic for each age and will review one per day all week long: the Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age, recent comics and finally the Modern Age. At the end of my analysis, I will predict what I believe to be the most popular comic of 2018 over the next 12 months.

I have reviewed the Golden Age of comics first. Superheroes were very popular in the Golden Age and battled genuinely villainous real-life opponents in the Axis of Evil, namely: Hitler, Mussolini, and Tojo, fascists all. These villains needed their counterbalance of heroes like Superman, the Human Torch and so on, but none is currently as famous as Batman.

Batman #47 is a primary key to Bruce Wayne’s alter ego Batman. This issue also has multiple small key components and has shown a significant increase in demand. It was written by the team Finger, Rosen and Boltinoff with art by Bob Kane among others. During the last two years,11 copies of Batman #47 have sold. Compared to a total of 35 sales over the previous six years; it roughly breaks down to a 31% increase in the number of purchases of this particular comic in the last two years. Additionally, it has risen over the past five months a total of 1861 spots to land at 16th most popular Golden Age comic (GoCollect).

I am going to avoid using a movie catalyst for this comic investment, due to its age and rarity.  Movies, really aren’t going to play as significant a role with this Golden Age book. However, this comic is a mainstay for Batman fans, collectors, and spurious speculators. Batman #47 is the first detailed origin of Batman; revealing the identity of his parents killer, and most important of all the first Bat-signal on the cover for this title (GoCollect)!  This issue is a big key for Batman, over the last 24 months, a grade of 5.5% has shown a shocking 103% return on investment.

In the final analysis, this return is extraordinary, but owning a piece of Batman history and a key about his origin is almost priceless. Let the Bat-signals brilliance guide you through the hazy fog of speculation and investment. Bottom line about Batman #47; who doesn’t want to own a copy of Bat-history?

Past is Prologue

The second, third, and fourth issues in a comic book series can often be devoid of opportunity to speculate. Bottom line is, they usually don’t rise in value that much. The Punisher #3 (Limited Series) is the exception to that rule; written by Steven Grant with larger than life art of Mike Zeck is the third episode, in the rise of Punisher’s current popularity. Furthermore, this issue has an extraordinary resilience in price over the last six years. Like its prequel (issue two) the current price appreciation and returns are eye-opening.

The Punisher #3 has returned a whopping 1503% over the previous six years. Guess what? That grade was an inexpensive copy at 7.5, or very fine minus. In a higher category of 9.8 same time period, you are looking at an 8% return. The higher grade is not as eye-catching but probably less skewed. Near mint plus or minus, is inherently a better evaluation of this investment. Warning: in the last three months there has been some slight decline for this issue. In the previous 12 months, we have seen a 28% return on grade 8.0! Not bad, or as The Punisher would probably say, “Mission accomplished!”

Buy a copy in the highest grade you can afford, the hits will keep on coming with this comic. Truly epic character in a new runaway Netflix series, with many more seasons to follow. The show is a huge catalyst and will bring even higher returns for this limited series! Happy punishing, and remember “past is prologue” for this issue.

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