THE AWAKENING Emphasizes Personal Financial Responsibility

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awakening THE AWAKENING Emphasizes Personal Financial ResponsibilityMedia Release — Memphis, TN (PRWEB) June 25, 2009 — Butterfly Financial, LLC is proud to announce today the release of The Awakening by Pam Pitts, a comic book that shows how a family manages through their financial crisis. Butterfly Financial, LLC is committed to developing innovative and creative tools designed to improve financial awareness and money knowledge. “Drawing inspiration from Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, the comic book has an educational message for everyone”, says Pitts.

When we meet the Knowdoe family in The Awakening, their financial life is out of control. They are stressed and blaming one another. Through the assistance of three Money Spirits, we learn how the family happened to get into their current financial predicament, the present impact, and the likely future effects if they continue along the same financial path. In the end, the members of the Knowdoe family learn from their past financial mistakes and take action to positively change their financial circumstances.

Drawing inspiration from Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, the comic book has an educational message for everyone The Awakening uses 20 pages of full-color illustrations to depict emotional aspects of the family’s financial life. Intended to emphasize self-awareness and personal financial responsibility, the comic book is aimed at readers who want to enhance their financial wellness and is designed to educate young adult readers about the life-long benefits of financial self-control.

For more information or to request a review copy, members of the press may contact the author. The Awakening is available for sale online at

About the Author
Pam Pitts is president of Butterfly Financial, LLC, a financial education company offering educational services and products designed to enhance financial wellness. Pitts is a financial literacy entrepreneur and advocate (FLEA). She has served as a financial education consultant and in 2008 published Money 101: 14 Things Every Teen Should Know about Money. Pitts also speaks on the topic of financial literacy. Prior to her current venture, Pitts was an attorney and corporate executive with FedEx Corporation for 15 years.

The comic book was illustrated by Matt Bowers with cover painting by Adam Shaw.

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