The Age of Magik

by Matt Tuck

Malik-300x157 The Age of MagikMagik is on the cusp of becoming a major force in Marvel Comics, and now is an opportune time to get on the bandwagon, but prices are on the move.


Since Jonathan Hickman took over all things X-Men, Magik has been getting a noticeable push.

First, she has been upgraded to one of the most powerful mutants on Professor X’s island nation, Krakoa. Now she is leading a team of former villains, the Dark Riders, and that series could be a sleeper hit.

On the cinematic side of things, she was featured in New Mutants. With all the speculation surrounding the Fox-verse X-Men franchise, there is a chance that Ana Taylor-Joy will reprise her role as Illyana Rasputin for the MCU. 

That makes this a good time to pick up her key issues before they potentially skyrocket.Magik-and-Dark-Riders-art-300x150 The Age of Magik


A very young Illyana made her first appearance alongside her brother, Colossus, in Giant-Size X-Men #1. Obviously, she is not the reason this issue is so popular, but rather an added bonus. While it would be great to add to any collection, most of us wince at paying $800 for a 1.0. 

If you are collecting on a smaller budget, instead consider these key issues that follow Magik as she rose to stardom.

X-Men-160-196x300 The Age of MagikX-MEN #160

After Illyana Rasputin debuted in GSX #1, she appeared as a teenager in X-Men #160. While it is not her first appearance, per se, this is the version of Illyana that would develop into the actual superhero. 

Prices are on the rise, so don’t hesitate on this one. At a 9.8, it has a 90-day average of $217, which is up nearly $100 from two years ago. The 9.6 may be the better buy, since the average drops to $95 for that grade.

New-Mutants-14-194x300 The Age of MagikNEW MUTANTS #14

Magik owners typically put New Mutants #14 issue at the top of their lists. It may not be her first appearance, but this is when she officially joined the New Mutants, and it’s that team that made her famous in the first place. 

With the distinction of being a top Magik key comes a higher premium on the near-mint grades. The 9.8 has carried a fair market value of over $300 since last year after earning $211 in 2019. Need something cheaper? Starting with the 9.6, prices drop substantially, and every grade averages less than $100 at that point.

New-Mutants-21-193x300 The Age of MagikNEW MUTANTS #21

Key Collector Comics cites this as the first time Illyana is referred to as Magik.

Wait. Was the name “Magik” not in the title of the Illyana/Storm miniseries that predates New Mutants #21? Yes, however, Illyana did not take the name Magik in that series. That makes this issue the first time anyone called Illyana Rasputin “Magik.” What helps to drive up the price is that NM #21 also marked the first full appearance of the popular Warlock as well as the debut of Danielle Moonstar, who was the first Mirage.

This is the cheapest comic on today’s list, but the values have been increasing as of late. A year ago, the FMV stood at $76 for a 9.8. In the past three months, that average has risen to $91, and, as of the time of this writing, the most recent sale was for $107 on February 8.


With a character like Magik, the sky could be the limit. She is everything Marvel Studios could want in a new face of the X-Men. She’s hip, she’s young, she has an edgy look, and she’s got a cool power set, which will help her appeal to a teenage demographic. 

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octoberland March 2, 2021 - 3:50 pm

How timely! I was otherwise occupied and did not move my copies of Magik when the New Mutants movie was coming out. I sold some, but not nearly as many. I was looking through the stacks last week and wondered if it had missed the boat. Seems like she is still viable despite the meh movie reception. This makes me feel better that I did not move them all. Almost like I planned it 😉

– Craig Coffman


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