The 1970s Justice Society revival is explored in BACK ISSUE #106

by Jeff

APR181834 The 1970s Justice Society revival is explored in BACK ISSUE #106Media ReleaseBACK ISSUE #106 (84 full-color pages, $8.95) finds a “Golden Age in Bronze,” with the ’70s Justice Society revival! Two Pro2Pro interviews: All-Star Squadron’s Roy Thomas, Jerry Ordway, and Arvell Jones (with a bonus Rick Hoberg interview), and The Spectre’s John Ostrander and Tom Mandrake. A new rotating department debuts: “UnKnown Marvel,” featuring Marvel UK rarities, this issue revealing Bob Layton’s first work for the House of Ideas. Plus: Liberty Legion, Air Wave, Jonni Thunder, Crimson Avenger, and the Spectre revival of ’87! Featuring Gene Colan, Gerry Conway, Keith Giffen, Dick Giordano, Paul Levitz, Doug Moench, Bob Rozakis, Dann Thomas, Wallace Wood, and many more, with a JSA cover by Joe Staton. Edited by Michael Eury.

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