The D Team: The Best Offense is a Good Defense

by Take Root

defenders-ross The D Team: The Best Offense is a Good DefenseThere’s always talk of the next team coming to the big screen. Any of them could, but here’s why the future MCU won’t be about Avenging, but Defending.

The Defenders: That Other Team of Superheroes

The Defenders are kind of weird group. The original cast included a lineup similar to the ’96 Bulls. You had the Hulk, Doctor Strange, and Namor. They were Jordan, Pippen, and Rodman. (Or Rodman, Pippen, and Jordan?) Even compared to the Avengers and the X-Men these guys seemed a little, well, overpowered. However, they were more of a team of individuals than a cohesive group and made it to Defenders #125 before The New Defenders took over the mantle. Let’s take a look at some of the comics from the original team.

feature-1-199x300 The D Team: The Best Offense is a Good DefenseMarvel Feature #1

This was the book that brought the original three together. And it’s going to be the most valuable. If you have faith in the powers of the Sorcerer Supreme, the Sub Mariner, and the Incredible Hulk, then this is a must-have; no two ways about it. You can pick up a 9.0 for around $375 (9.8 FMV is $6,250!) and it might be a cheap investment if we ever see these guys hit the big screen.

The First Title Seriesdefenders-1-200x300 The D Team: The Best Offense is a Good Defense

The first issue of the title series is always a safe bet, even if it will never reach the same level of value as the first appearance. The Defenders #1 is pretty attainable for a lot of collectors and speculators with a 9.0 FMV of $200. (The perfect 9.8 has an FMV of $1,500) It’s the fourth appearance of the team and the first appearance of Necrodamus (if that means anything to you).

defenders-2-203x300 The D Team: The Best Offense is a Good DefenseAdding the Silver One

Now, this is a big one: The Defenders #2. This was like adding Kevin Durant to the Warriors after they already won a championship. It’s when the big silver guns came in. It’s the issue Silver Surfer joined the team and the REAL Defenders were created. Stan Lee was hesitant letting anyone else write the silver Norrin Radd, but it looks like the idea of these four superheroes together got the best of him and he relented.

The first four appearances of the team are valuable, but the addition of Silver Surfer was pivotal for the Defenders from then on. (It’s like adding a second Michael Jordan to the ’96 Bulls) If this team hits the screen, it seems like it’s going to HAVE to include Silver Surfer. That might make collectors realize how valuable this key issue is. The Defenders #2 9.8 FMV is over $900 but you can grab a 9.0 for a $100.

avengers-116-199x300 The D Team: The Best Offense is a Good DefenseThe Inevitable Battle

When we’re talking about teams, it’s inevitable that they fight other teams. The X-Men were quick to crossover with the Avengers, and so were the Defenders. If the D Team is coming to the MCU, it seems like a crossover type battle, similar to Captain America: Civil War, would be the best way to do it. At first, there’s a conflict, and then there’s a resolution and birth of a new team.

Figuring out which book started the crossover battle between the Defenders and Avengers isn’t that easy. According to GoCollect, we see that Defenders #8 is Chapter 1 in the crossover. However, Defenders #8 doesn’t have any fighting between the two teams. It’s mainly set up.

Therefore, Avengers #116 seems like the best bet as there’s actually conflict happening, not to mention the very cool cover of Silver Surfer fighting Vision on top of a Volcano?!?! This is the most valuable comic of the crossover event with a 9.8 FMV of $375. You can get a 9.2 or 9.4 for a little over $100.

The D Team

These are just a couple of the early issues in The Defenders run, but they could show a lot of promise if the MCU ever decides to build a new team. The team might be a little different than the four members, (Red Hulk or She-Hulk instead of Hulk) but these comics are going to prove to be some of the hottest of the Copper Age.

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Rodney Reyes May 20, 2020 - 1:01 pm

Can’t forget the prelude- Sub-mariner 34 & 35

Tony C May 20, 2020 - 2:05 pm

I recently picked up an Avengers 118 CGC 9.8. I think it is the last episode of the fight between Avengers and Defenders, but I got it because I really liked the black cover with so many marvel characters on it. Its FMV is currently $300, but maybe it will also get a bump if the Defenders hit the big screen?!

steve centonzo May 21, 2020 - 8:21 am

Defenders. first 20 issues are pure bronze age dynamite


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