Thanos Wins Second Prints

by Matt Tuck

Thanos-13-Second-Print-193x300 Thanos Wins Second PrintsDid you buy the Thanos #13 second and third prints? If not, you’re going to wish you had.

Sadly, the Donny Cates/Geoff Shaw Thanos run is part of comic book history, but its influence continues. This week, the top seller will undoubtedly be the premiere issue of Cosmic Ghost Rider #1, whose first appearance is still a hot issue in the collector’s market.

The first print of Thanos #13 (standard cover) continues to climb in value each month as it has since it first hit store shelves last year. A CGC 9.8 has sold for as much as $340 this year, but it’s more consistently in the $150-$200 range. You can drop the grade to a 9.6, and it’s still bringing $116 since its release. A 9.4 dips below the three-figure average, but it’s still an $87 comic.

You know a comic is popular when even the second and third prints are climbing. The second print of Thanos #13 brought $100 at a graded 9.8 on May 4. Since then, it hasn’t reached that price again, but it has been regularly selling for close to $70. In fact, the cheapest sale has been $56.

This comic has been so hot that it’s now up to its fifth printing and still selling well. We haven’t seen any graded copies of the fourth or fifth printings sold on eBay just yet because they’re so recent, but the third printing is worth your attention. The 9.8 graded third print is averaging $45 and sold for a high of $67 on April 23. The past four sales have all been for $40, but that’s still respectable numbers, particularly for a third print.

On July 4, we will get our first look at Cosmic Ghost Rider in his own series. While audiences have bought into this character in the pages of Thanos, it’s a different beast altogether for him to carry a series alone. It’s great that his story is in the capable hands of Cates, but if the series falls flat, that will hurt the value of his first appearance. However, if it is another in the continuing line of hits from Cates, then Thanos #13 will be an even hotter commodity. In the meantime, you’ll want to keep a close watch on Cosmic Ghost Rider #1.

Riding on the coattails of the Cosmic Ghost Rider success will be Thanos #15. If you recall, that was the issue when it was revealed that this futuristic Ghost Rider is actually Frank Castle. At a near-mint 9.8, Thanos #15 has averaged $113. One recently sold for $120 on July 1. In fact, three of the last five sales have been for $100 or more. The big month for this issue was May when it brought $161. That sparked a full month of very good sales that have since cooled slightly. However, with the success of Cosmic Ghost Rider’s solo series debut, you can expect Thanos #15 to climb.

While we’re on the subject, don’t overlook the second and third prints of Thanos #15. A 9.8 second print has sold for at least $60 three times and averages $44. The third print at the same grade has averaged $41 itself and sold for $50 on May 8.

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