Thanos Past, Present, and Future

by Norman Robinson III

124247_8699fd6166ea7d9a42eccf60157856b08fb48433-199x300 Thanos Past, Present, and FutureJim Starlin created the ultimate super-villain in the 1970’s. This villain went on to be the 1990’s cosmic bad guy in the Silver Surfer and Infinity War comic book series. Starlin’s creation is none other than Thanos the disciple of death. Eventually, Thanos wound up as the big screen villain in the mega-hit Avengers: Infinity War (2018). Next year, Captain Marvel in all her Bree Larson glory will appear on-screen battling Thanos. This will probably be the high water mark for him as a villain and his ultimate exit from the MCU. What will happen over the next five years? Well, first off, we will see a new Thor, new Captain America, and the Avengers will shift to an all-female team. Just kidding about that last part seeing if you are awake. Any true fan of Marvel, (or DC for that matter) knows that they have enough stories of super-villains in the comics to last for ten years maybe more on screen. Can we predict declines in comic values with some villains exciting stage left after 2019 in the MCU?

This turnover of all the old stars that have played these characters for the last ten years or so will push us forward into a new age for Marvel. Enemies like Ultron, Loki, and even Thanos will be old school and have an already done that feel. I know Hollywood loves to retread material constantly but these mega-movies seem to be going in groups or themes, kind of like the comics. Therefore, we can expect to not see Thanos after the upcoming movie Avengers 4 or whatever “working title” they want to spin on it. With Thanos no longer appearing in movies his comics will surely take the brunt.

Iron Man #55

This comic book has for the most part seen it’s better days behind it. Iron Man #55 was created by Jim Starlin with Mike Friedrich (script) and Jim Starlin on pencils. In this comic book, Starlin created some of the most interesting and just plain weird characters in Marvel. Of course, this is the first appearance of Thanos, but it is also the first appearance of Drax the Destroyer. Let’s not forget, Starfox (kind of weird cosmic playboy), Kronos and Mentor first appear in this comic making it a five in one key book.

The cost for Iron Man #55  has of course gotten half-baked and shot up into the stratosphere like some kids bottle rocket during the Fourth of July. It was a good book, a great investment, and has had solid returns. Currently, the cost for grades (9.8) mint is $5750, (5.5) grade at $500, and even the low-end seeing a $200 return for the grade (1.5). Not too bad for the ultimate villain in Marvel. The returns have been even better showing solid green in the money returns across the entire spectrum of grades: (0.5) has a positive +79.2%, (5.5) category has positive +14.6% and near mint (9.2) is pulling in positive +60.5%.

Downward Trend

However, when we narrow the funnel of data to just the last 100 sales for this past year; then we see a big drop off in price. Currently, our big green Xmas tree of profit has nothing but red declines covering its surface; negative across the board with grade (5.5) at negative -8.9%, (9.0) at negative -13.4%, and even (9.6) deflating to negative -11.1% ROI. Sure there are a few holdouts in the near mint range, but not many. Is this a sea change in its infancy or the remnants of a recent catastrophe? I believe this is just a baby tidal wave of negative returns and the mother of all tsunami price declines will follow. Sell Iron Man #55  now, or be forced to hold onto it for who knows how long. If you own it, unload it and repulsor ray toward another investment.


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