Thank You To Sites That Post Our New Releases List

by Jeff

Most likely due to everyone being at the Diamond Retailers summit today, I didn’t have many press releases to filter through today. (They’ll probably all arrive in my email box all at once tonight when I’m trying to go to sleep.) So, I thought I would present a list of sites I recently discovered that post the ComicList New Releases List. Sadly, those in the first list do not appear to give us credit. Here we go!

Hellions Magazine
Pink Kryptonite (Read the update below!)
StlComics Forum

Here are some examples of friends who post the list AND give us credit, plus a link back to our site. We appreciate you very much!

The Fourth Wall
Comic Nerd

UPDATE: A hearty thank you to Jonostarsmore at Pink Kryptonite for reading and reaching out! Remind me to put up a Delicious link to his site soon!

UPDATE: Thank you to Randy at Collectors Corner for updating their site with our info!

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