Th3rd World Studios’ Stuff of Legend #1 Sells Out

by Jeff

stuff-issue-1-printing-worn Th3rd World Studios' Stuff of Legend #1 Sells OutAugust 5th, 2009 – Th3rd World Studios is pleased to announce that even with a 30 percent over print THE STUFF OF LEGEND VOLUME 1 BOOK 1 has sold out at the publishing and distribution levels. As a result, Diamond Comics Distributors has agreed to make the second printing of issue one available for retailers starting today. It will be appearing in the weekly PREVIEWS PLUS newsletter sent out to retailers.

Th3rd World Studios urges fans and retailers to place orders for THE STUFF OF LEGEND VOLUME 1 BOOK 1 second printing immediately since Diamond is only accepting orders for an extremely limited time.

THE STUFF OF LEGEND VOLUME 1 BOOK 1 second printing (order code: JUN098432) will feature a modified “worn” version of the original printing’s cover with a different logo color.

“From day one we felt this was the kind of project that had an opportunity to be something special if we could get enough eyes on it. We are happy to see that fans and retailers are giving it a strong chance to succeed in this difficult market,” said Th3rd World co-publisher Jon Conkling.

Brian Smith, co-writer on the series said, “Everything about this comic has been a dream come true for me, and I could not be happier about selling out of the entire first printing. Thanks to all of the retailers and fans who gave us a shot, your support means the world to us! ”

“The year is 1944. An allied force advances along a war-torn beach in a strange land, outnumbered and far from home. Together, they fight the greatest evil they have ever known. Never ending waves of exotic enemies come crashing down on them, but they will not rest. Thousands of miles away, the world is on the brink of destruction. But here in a child’s bedroom in Brooklyn, our heroes, a small group of toys loyal to their human master, fight an unseen war to save him from every child’s worst nightmare-the Boogeyman.

Led by the toy soldier known as the Colonel and the boy’s faithful teddy-bear named Max, the toys enter the dangerous realm of The Dark. There they will face off against the Boogeyman and his army– a legion of the boy’s forgotten, bitter toys. Fighting to survive insurmountable odds, the toys will discover this is a battle not only for the soul of a child, but for their own as well…”

Writers: Mike Raicht & Brian Smith
Illustrator: Charles Paul Wilson III
Colors and Design: Michael DeVito & Jon Conkling

THE STUFF OF LEGEND has received high praise from both critics and readers:

“…this feels like it’s going to be one of those books. One of those, do-you-remember-where-you-were-when-you-first-read kind of books… If your shop has a small stack, I recommend stocking up. I think this is going to be huge.”
-Rich Johnston, Bleeding Cool

“A wonderful comic odyssey begins here – be sure to get in on the ground floor of what is sure to become a water cooler topic book.”
– Broken Frontier

“…Magical in its ambiance, there’s adventure and emotional resonance, cowardice and confusion. A very pleasant surprise.”
-Comic Book Resources

Although both Diamond and Th3rd World Studios are completely sold out of the first issue, be sure to check with your local retailers about their availability.

[NOTE FROM CHUCK: Haven Distributors has issued the following update on their inventory schedule:

– STUFTH3001 The Stuff of Legend #1 Th3rd World Studios 45 4.99
– In Stock

+ STUFTH3001 The Stuff of Legend #1 (2nd Printing) Th3rd World Studios + 45 4.99 Advance Order]

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