TFAW says Read This Series: Locke and Key by Joe Hill

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jun090991e TFAW says Read This Series: Locke and Key by Joe HillWhether you love Lovecraftian horror or offbeat family dynamics, you’ll want to check out Locke & Key, the Eisner-nominated series by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez. Focusing on the Lockes, a family haunted by tragedy that returns to Keyhouse, their ancestral New England home, Locke & Key combines old-school gothic horror with the infinitely relatable struggles of family life.

The Locke children–teenagers Tyler and Kinsey and kid brother Bode–are trying to put their lives back together after being terrorized by Sam Lesser, who brutally murdered their father. They’ve moved to an idyllic New England community, they’ve made new friends–including charming fellow student Zack Wells–and Keyhouse is full of new discoveries.

Like keys that turn humans into ghosts. Or open heads. Or open the Black Door, which just might lead to an unspeakable horror. Did I mention that Zack Wells is actually the reincarnation of Lucas Caravaggio, an old friend of their father’s who mysteriously disappeared more than 20 years ago, and who will stop at nothing to get all of the keys in his possession?

Locke & Key is an excellent horror read because while the artwork is fantastic and the mystery intriguing, the focus is squarely on the characters. You’ll get to know the Lockes and become invested in them, so when all hell breaks loose, you won’t be able to wait until the next issue! For more details about this awesome series, make sure to check out our interview with Joe Hill last October.

To get started, pick up the first two hardcovers, Welcome to Lovecraft and Head Games. Or, if you’re already a fan, make sure to snatch up each issue of the current story arc, Crown of Shadows. You won’t be sorry!

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