TFAW launches Digital Comics Month January 10

by Jeff

via The Blog From Another World

Digital2 TFAW launches Digital Comics Month January 10This month, TFAW is delving into one of the biggest developments in the comics industry: digital comics. As one of the largest comic book retailers in the nation, we will be interviewing influential publishers and distributors of digital comics and sharing their news right here on our blog starting January 10.

“The advent of digital comics is one of the most, if not the most, important industry developments of the 21st century,” said TFAW Senior Director of Retail Operations Andrew McIntire. “Not only is this a way for publishers and distributors to showcase their offerings to our thousands of customers, but it’s a way for us to explore different ways that we, as a retailer, can partner with them in this brave new world.”

With publishers like Archie Comics nearing the 2 million mark in digital downloads, and Dark Horse Comics launching their own digital store later this month, it’s clear that digital distribution will hugely influence the future of comics.

Curious to see what the future holds? Come back January 10, when we debut Digital Comics Month with an interview with Ron Richards, Vice President of External Relations at Have digital comics news to share this month? Contact Andrew McIntire at

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