TFAW Interviews: The “Man On The Street” on Digital Comics

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DCDigitalthumb TFAW Interviews: The "Man On The Street" on Digital ComicsDigital Comics Month is coming to a close, and besides all of the distributors, publishers, and creators we’ve talked to, we wanted to chat with someone like you: the digital comics consumer! Fortunately, I already knew a lapsed comic book fan who’s getting back into them in a big way via his new iPad: my brother, Ben Forsythe. He agreed to sit down and answer my questions (seeing as it would be near-impossible to avoid me: we’re also housemates). Read on for his “Man on the Street” viewpoint on the evolution of digital comics! What’s your personal history with comics?

Ben Forsythe: I started reading Archie when I was young. Then on a family vacation my lovely, intelligent sister and I got our hands on our first X-Men comic and we were hooked. Where did you get your comics back then?

BF: A place called Classic Cards and Comics in Tualatin. I visited that place frequently, usually with my sis. We would walk or ride our bikes there from our parents’ house. When did you stop reading comics, and why?

BF: I stopped buying comics when I got to high school. I was driving and hanging out with my friends a lot more. That was also when they really diluted the X-Men with multiple titles. It got confusing and I stopped following them. By then I was only really reading whatever sis had around the house. When she went to college comics became an annual thing for me. Sis would give me a book for Christmas every few years and I really enjoyed that. I look forward to that every year. When you bought your iPad, were you thinking about buying digital comics with it?

BF: No, but it did dawn on me shortly after I bought it. I definitely went looking for the app, I didn’t see it advertised or anything.

MarvelDigitalthumb TFAW Interviews: The "Man On The Street" on Digital How many comics have you bought since then?

BF: Dozens. It’s really hard not to purchase one after the other if it’s a good story. All you have to do is click a button. What comics have you purchased?

BF: Lots of one-offs and miniseries. Marvel 1612, Old Man Logan, War Machine, Astonishing X-Men, Avengers. Which apps have you bought?

BF: DC and Marvel [the comiXology apps]. Anxiously awaiting a Dark Horse app! What do you like about buying digital comics?

BF: It’s so easy. And the instant gratification that comes with being able to read a whole series in a day. No way would I buy 15 straight books in a store. Is there anything you dislike about buying digital comics?

BF: It’s too easy! I once spent $40 in one “session.” How often do you go to a brick-and-mortar comic shop? Why?

BF: Still only with my sis! Pretty rare. I think I’ve been to two different TFAW’s a total of four times in the two years I’ve been back in Portland. Has reading digital comics made you want to buy trades or other printed compilations?

BF: Not at all. I really dislike “comic clutter.” What do you think the next step should be, as far as digital comics go?

BF: More content. The single most frustrating thing in the age of internet consumerism for me is when a company offers limited downloadable content in an attempt to get customers to mail-order or come into their store. Quickest way to lose me as a customer.

Thanks again, Beej! In exchange, I promise to bring home all of my Star Wars comics in a timely manner. And thank you, readers! Make sure to check out all of our Digital Comics Month interviews, and stay tuned for future updates.

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So what do you think? Has your experience with digital comics been similar to Ben’s? One thing I found interesting: he wasn’t aware of comiXology or any other provider–he just wanted his comics. Post your feedback below!

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