TFAW Interviews: Soldier Zero’s Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning

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JAN111043 TFAW Interviews: Soldier Zero's Dan Abnett and Andy LanningWe’ve got another exciting BOOM! Month interview for you today. Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning of Starborn took some time from writing the book to answer a few of our burning questions. Here’s how it all went down:

Warning: Some Spoilers Ahead… Hi gents, thanks for talking with us.

Dan & Andy (DnA): Hi! How did you get involved with Soldier Zero?

DnA: We were invited to come on board by BOOM! editorial, an invitation that we were delighted to accept. What’s Stan Lee’s involvement with the series at this point? What’s it like to work with him?

DnA: Stan looks at every we do and has complete oversight. That’s a little scary and intimidating because he’s, well, Stan Lee! His feedback and notes are amazing, though. It’s a real pleasure to get the feedback. The main character, Stewart, is a former soldier who has lost the use of his legs. How do you think that enhances the story?

DnA: It’s an interesting dynamic, and addresses a lot of issues. We’re working to find the most interesting and relevant places to take it. Stewart isn’t particularly bitter about losing the use of his legs–he’s more annoyed by the reactions of people around him, and the limitations of his environment. Is this going to be a continuing theme of the book?

DnA: Yes. Also, just because the suit “gives him his legs back,” there are other prices to pay. Stewart has to decide if it’s worth it, or if he’s content being where he is. You guys get to delve deeper into the Soldier Zero mythos. What do you have up your sleeves for the alien soldiers? Why is Soldier Zero on the run?

DnA: That story is really opening out now. There’s some very big and very alien surprises in store, and everything is heading for a major set of reveals by the end of the first year of issues.

feb110854 TFAW Interviews: Soldier Zero's Dan Abnett and Andy It seems like Stewart and Soldier have a more equitable relationship than Soldier Zero has has with past “hosts”–Stewart can resist him and take more control. Are you planning on exploring that a bit more?

DnA: Yes, again! In fact that’s the primary theme of the very important developments that happen in issues #7 and #8. In issue #4, James loses an arm. How is this going to affect his character, and his relationship with his brother?

DnA: Not in the way you might expect, actually. It could have, tragically, helped him to understand Stewart’s situation, but things get a lot more complicated than that. How is Kaylee going to figure into the story? For now, she seems like the traditional love interest-damsel in distress.

DnA: Actually, there are three strong female characters orbiting Stewart. None of them are going to fulfill “traditional” roles. What’s it like working with Javier Pina?

DnA: Javier’s great. He’s a total professional, he gets what we want, and he keeps giving us great images. Stuff in issue #8 we’ve just seen? Wow! This isn’t your first book with BOOM! Studios, is it, Dan? What’s it like working with the folks at BOOM!?

Abnett: They’re lovely, and I had so much fun last time I was happy to be invited back. Andy, this is the first book you’ve done with BOOM!, right? How does BOOM! compare to the other publishers you’ve worked with?

Lanning: BOOM! are great, we’ve been truly welcomed into the fold and are having some really exciting creative back and forths with Bryce (Carlson, Editor), which is producing some interesting ideas and storylines that will play out throughout the BOOMverse! More than that, it’s great fun too! What other BOOM! titles are you reading right now?

DnA: All of them, of course!

Thanks again for your time gents! Really excited to see what you have up your sleeves.

We want to thank Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning for taking the time out of their busy schedules to chat with us about Soldier Zero. What have you thought of Soldier Zero so far? Where do you think it’s going? We want to hear what you have to say–post your comments below.

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