Teshkeel and Keetaa Bring THE 99 to Mobile Phones in China

by Jeff

MAR083956F Teshkeel and Keetaa Bring THE 99 to Mobile Phones in ChinaMedia Release — KUWAIT CITY, Kuwait, Aug. 11, 2009 — Kuwait-based publisher Teshkeel Media Group has announced an agreement with Keetaa, the leading mobile comic content aggregator and service provider in China, for developing and distributing THE 99 mobile content throughout the People’s Republic of China, including Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao. Keetaa will make available THE 99’s mobile e-comics, wallpapers, screensavers, messages, ringtones, and menu themes to all the leading mobile operators in China and through them to the more than 700 million mobile phone users in the world’s largest mobile market.

THE 99 comic book series was launched in 2006. It is illustrated and scripted by former and current Marvel and DC Comics writers and artists whose credits include X-Men, Spider-Man, Superman, Iron Man, Batman and Power Rangers. THE 99 can be found on newsstands throughout the world. Its acclaimed “Origins” issue can be downloaded free from THE 99 website (http://www.the99.org).

The success of the series has led to the co-production of an animated television series with media giant Endemol, the world’s largest syndicator of television programs. Twenty-six episodes are in various stages of production with a ninety-minute TV Special intended for broadcast by the year’s end.

The first of THE 99 Village theme parks was opened in Kuwait in early 2009. Others will follow.

“Keetaa’s introduction of THE 99 to the Chinese market is further evidence of THE 99’s versatility and global appeal,” explained Dr. Naif Al-Mutawa, Teshkeel’s CEO and creator of THE 99. “Keetaa’s experience in the Chinese market coupled with their user-friendly software and multi-platform approach make them an ideal partner to distribute THE 99 in China.”

“THE 99 is truly a global concept that lends itself to multiple formats,” said Stephen Zhang, Keetaa’s Manager of Product Development. “We are excited to be adding this global phenomenon to our rich list of creative offerings and look forward to expanding the reach of THE 99 into the Asian market. The team at Teshkeel has built world-class characters and storylines that will be as appealing in China as they have been in the rest of the world.”

Al-Mutawa continued, “THE 99 is a concept that includes ninety-nine superhero characters drawn from 99 countries. Our Chinese member, Kabeera, is an important addition to the THE 99 team. Kabeera, which means both big and great, is a fitting description for the past and future of China. We are very excited about entering the Chinese marketplace and look forward to additional partnerships.”

About Teshkeel Media Group

Teshkeel Media Group, KSC (http://www.teshkeel.com) is one of the Middle East’s leading developers of children’s entertainment. Based in Kuwait, and with offices in New York, the company’s mission is to provide positive, high-quality children’s content in the region through print and electronic media, film and television. Teshkeel’s original character properties include THE 99 (http://www.the99.org), an award-winning superhero series based on Islamic culture and history, with major awards from the World Economic Forum, Columbia Business School, the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, Tufts University and accolades from FORBES for being “One of the Top 20 Trends Sweeping the Globe.”

About Keetaa

Keetaa (http://www.keetaa.com) is a subsidiary of eMenlo Holdings Limited, China, a new-media company founded by several high-tech and mobile business elites in China and abroad. Keetaa is China’s leading wireless comic service provider. It provides high-quality comic browsing services to over 600 million Chinese cell phone users. The company has tie-ups with the world’s top comic book professionals and publishers for content and partnerships with leading wireless portals and sites such as Sina Mobile, QQ Mobile, Kong.net and Madhouse. In a short time span, Keetaa has amassed more than one million paying users, and the number is still growing rapidly. The company’s mobile viewer for comic browsing won the Best Mobile Animation and Comic Golden Olive Award in the 2008 National Mobile Software and Service Contest.

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