Terry Cronin horror tale now in the New INDIE COMICS MAGAZINE

by Jeff

JAN110879 Terry Cronin horror tale now in the New INDIE COMICS MAGAZINEMedia ReleaseIndie Comics Magazine Editor Gary Scott Beatty recently announced author Terry Cronin will contribute an eight page story titled Under the Bridge to the new comic book, scheduled for preorder in Diamond Comic Distributors’ January 2011 Previews catalog and available only through Previews. The done-in-one tale features characters from Cronin’s popular Students of the Unusual comic series.

Indie Comics Magazine is 64 pages of the best story and art from today’s independent comic book creators,” said Beatty. “And Terry’s writing output over the years through his 3 Boys Productions publishing company is pure indy gold.”

Film producer and director, dermatologist and film festival program director Terry Cronin fills his Students of the Unusual comic series with horror tales based on the myths, legends and history of his home state of Florida. “Terry’s unique spin on traditional horror is wildly entertaining,” said Beatty. “In film, book or comic, Terry knows just how to let his stories reveal their twists.”

Terry joined forces with Pat Martin, Jeff Hall and Bob Lizek to create 3 Boys Productions, responsible for the annual Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival. The team is now producing Adventure Chefs, a reality show where contestants hunt, forage and gather food to prepare fine dining for judges. Terry’s new Skinvestigator books follow the murder investigations of dermatologist Doctor Harry Poe.

Art in the Indie Comics Magazine tale is supplied by Jorge Calamato. “Whether it’s Jorge, Steve Mack, Julia Lichty or any of the other Students of the Unusual alumni, Terry knows just how to write for them to unleash their maximum creativity,” said Beatty.

Each issue of the new comic will feature full stories from different independent comic book creators, said Beatty. Short biographies and contact information are included with the stories so readers can easily seek out more of the creators’ work. Terry Cronin books can be bought at StudentsOfTheUnusual.com.

Indie Comics Magazine is available ONLY through the Previews order magazine at your local comic shop. The first issue premieres January, 2011. Information about Indie Comics Magazine is online at http://indiecomicsmagazine.com.

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