Terminator 2: Infinity #4 Details Released

by Jeff

July 19, RUNNEMEDE, NJ – Dynamite Entertainment announced today the details concerning the next action packed issue of their all-new Terminator 2: Infinity comic book series and the conclusion to the first four-part storyline, “Trial by Fire”. Scheduled for a September release, Terminator 2: Infinity #4 continues with the high-tech writing talents of Simon (Transformers) Furman and the exciting art of Nigel (Battlestar Galactica) Raynor, with covers by Nigel Raynor, Stjepan (Darkness, Savage Tales) Sejic and Pat Lee! Also, Terminator 2 fans should ask their retailer about the special “Cyberdyne Silver Foil” edition of Terminator 2 #4, featuring the art of Pat Lee!

Dynamite’s new Terminator 2 series continues the intense futuristic vision of a post apocalyptic world dominated by cybernetic killing machines and the struggles of the revolutionist John Connor as he begins gathering a human resistance. The series features all-new stories starring the popular characters from the blockbuster Terminator 2 film, as well some all-new, all-deadly creations, including the never-before-seen Terminator Infinity! In Dynamite’s opening Terminator 2 event, “Trial by Fire”, Skynet sets out to destroy the Terminators in the past to preserve their (mostly) human free future!

Issue #4 brings the first Terminator 2 comic book event racing towards its startling conclusion, as John and his new found army continue to attack Skynet under the guidance of Uncle Bob, a T-800 loyal to John and his human companions. But, what will they do when Uncle Bob faces the T-Infinity in a battle in which only one of the deadly killing machines is able to walk away in one piece! This is the man versus machine battle that T2 fans have waited for!!!

About the wrap up of Dynamite’s first T2 storyline, writer Simon Furman exclaimed, “This is possibly my favorite issue so far, as things start to roll headlong towards the epic conclusion. As we all know, it’s never easy for John Connor, and his first faltering steps to becoming leader of the human resistance movement (post-Judgment Day) hit a serious setback in this penultimate issue (don’t dare miss the shock ending!). Writing the continuing (I hope!) adventures of John Connor and his battle against Skynet and the Terminators has been a blast (literally!) from start to finish. The Terminator films are something of a passion of mine, and I’m doing my very best to ensure that comes through in the series. I’ve had amazing freedom to really propel the core story onwards, and this, really, is just the beginning!”

TERMINATOR 2: INFINITY #4 (JUL07 3448) By Simon Furman (Writer), Nigel Raynor (Artist) and PAT LEE, STJEPAN SEJIC; AND NIGEL RAYNOR (Cover Artists)

He said he’ll be back and DYNAMITE’S got him – only it’s not just the T-800 that stalking the pages in Dynamite’s all new Terminator comic book series, but the T-1000 and the all-new T-Infinity!

Dynamite’s all new T2 comics are again brought to you by the first and last name of all things robotic – writer Simon Furman along with artist Nigel (BATTLESTAR Galactica) Raynor and cover artist Nigel Raynor, Stjepan (Darkness, Savage Tales) Sejic and Pat Lee!



For art and more information please visit: http://www.dynamiteentertainment.com/htmlfiles/c-Terminator_2.html


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