Ten MORE Key Newsstand Variants from The 1990s Comic Boom

by Mr. Long/Short

Maximum-carnage-196x300 Ten MORE Key Newsstand Variants from The 1990s Comic BoomThis is my third piece on newsstand variants from the 1990s, you can find the others here and here. In this article, I present ten more comics from the 1990s that you might want to consider grabbing in newsstand if you can find them.

Spider-Man Unlimited #1 – Maximum Carnage

There isn’t a hotter 90s character than Carnage right now. This is the start of his epic story arch. Many believe that elements of this story will feed into Venom 2 – Let There Be Carnage.

asm-365-194x300 Ten MORE Key Newsstand Variants from The 1990s Comic BoomAmazing Spider-Man #365

Spider-Man 2099 is going to have a major role in the next Into the Spider-Verse movie from Sony. These hologram covers are 90s gold! I have struggled to find the newsstand variant of this book in high grade. It is an oversized issue with a cardstock cover which lends itself to increased damage.

Deadpool #1

deadpool-1-197x300 Ten MORE Key Newsstand Variants from The 1990s Comic Boom
Deadpool’s first ongoing series will only get hotter and hotter as the character becomes a staple in the MCU. Admittedly this book came out in 1997, well after the comic book market crashed. That said, it is a very tough book to track down and a true Modern Age gem in the newsstand. Newsstand variants had dropped to less than 10% of the total market by the late 90s.


X-Men Annual #14

Gambit is only going to become more popular.  X-Men Annual #14 continues to pick up momentum as collectors recognize this as Gambit’s true first appearance. Like most newsstand variants, this square-bound issue is hard to find in high grade.

Gambit #1

The black cardstock cover makes this classic comic very tricky to find in good condition. The sky is the limit for Gambit in the MCU and his first solo mini-series is certain to grow in demand.

darkhawk-1-197x300 Ten MORE Key Newsstand Variants from The 1990s Comic BoomDarkhawk #1

Darkhawk is a cult fan-favorite character for all of us who were collecting in the 1990s. There is already demand for this book in newsstand with a 9.8 copy recently selling for over $200.

New Mutants #100

The first appearance of X-Force will always be a major event in the 90s comics lore. This book had a massive print run making the newsstand version really attractive.

New Mutants #87

At one point Cable was by far the hottest character in comics without question. Cable’s first appearance in newsstand is a must-have if you can find it.

Batman Adventures #12

BA-12-197x300 Ten MORE Key Newsstand Variants from The 1990s Comic Boom
This is already a super high-priced book and a Modern gem. That said I think the newsstand version is massively undervalued given its scarcity. Harley Quinn’s popularity should remain high for years to come.

Wolverine #1

The first issue of Wolverine’s first solo series is a book collectors simply love. High-grade newsstands are hard to come by due to the black cover which picks up spine tick very easily.

Ghost-Rider-1-194x300 Ten MORE Key Newsstand Variants from The 1990s Comic BoomGhost Rider #1

This book has the 1st appearance of Danny Ketch as Ghost Rider.  Finding high-grade newsstand variants is very difficult because of the black border.



This is just a small list of many 1990s key comics that are significantly more rare as newsstand variants. Many of these books are sitting in long boxes priced no more than their direct editions equivalents. Happy hunting.

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