Ten Comic Picks for the Next Ten Years

by Mr. Long/Short

Pic-for-1st-piece-300x146 Ten Comic Picks for the Next Ten YearsThe list below doesn’t include any hidden gems but these are all books that should grow in demand over the next decade.  Public awareness and as a result demand for these characters should grow over the next ten years as these characters become central to comics, TV, and movies.  I am Mr. Long/Short and this is the Long/Short Comic Report.

Avengers #48Avengers-48-194x300 Ten Comic Picks for the Next Ten Years

This is a book that has been well covered. By all accounts, the Black Knight is going to be a mainstay in the MCU for the next decade. Unlike most characters people spec on, the Black Knight has legs and is set to pop up in several movies over the coming years. This will drive demand for this book and help elevate the character to A-list status. People are really underestimating the longevity this character will have considering you have Kit Harrington playing the role. Mid-grade books can still be had in the $100 range. There are only just over 500 graded copies in the GoCollect database. Graded books in the 5.0 to 6.5 range scream absolute steal to me.


Deadpool #1 (1997)

Yes, yes, yes, I know New Mutants #98 is Deadpool’s first appearance…..and so does everybody else for that matter. Now before you decide to move on from this article just hear me out. NM #98 has almost 18,000 graded copies according to the GoCollect database vs. just over 1,800 for Deadpool #1. Deadpool is going to remain a wildly popular mainstream character for many, many, years. Deadpool #1 should steadily start to see increasing demand. More broadly speaking, rare Deadpool comics are a smart buy in general for the next decade but this is an article for the future…


Venom #3 (3rd Printing)

3rd printing you say? Yes, indeed. To be clear, there is nothing wrong with the first printing, it is a must-have book but the 3rd printing with Knull on the cover could have legs similar to Captain Marvel #17 2nd printing. Now I am not suggesting this book will spike to $1,500 but given its relative scarcity (just over 200 copies graded) to the first printing (1,700 copies graded) it is a must-have book for the next decade. Knull is poised to be a major villain in the Marvel Comics for many years to come.

Amazing Spider-Man #194

amazing_spider-man_194-195x300 Ten Comic Picks for the Next Ten Years

The Black Cat is easily a Top 20 character in Marvel Comics and probably comfortably in the Top 10. That said, her first appearance doesn’t seem to get the credit it deserves. The character is already a mainstay in the comics and will have a huge appeal once she finally hits the big screen. Either Sony or Disney will get behind this character soon enough and drive the appeal of this character much higher. This book in mid-grade is cheap and you should be loading up when you get the chance. Given the black cover, higher grades are tough to come by. Either way, this is an amazing book that can still be had for a great price.  Let’s be honest, as long as J. Scott Campbell is doing covers, she is going to remain super hot.


Ultimate Fallout #4

Miles Morales is comic collecting gold. This book will have legs for generations to come. This is exactly the sort of book you want to hold long-term. There is no speculation here, just a future gem that we should all have in our collection. If you can find the 1:25 Marko Djurdjevic variant in any condition you should snatch it up as it is getting harder and harder to find. I particularly am fond of the 2nd print with Miles’ face exposed, this book has a print run of less than 15,000 and can be snatched up for less than $20 raw.


Edge of Spider-Verse #2

edgeofspider-verse2blackerror-198x300 Ten Comic Picks for the Next Ten Years

Spider-Gwen is also comic book collecting gold…..wait…I already used that. In all seriousness, this book is right up with there with Ultimate Fallout #4 in its long-term appreciation potential. Spider-Gwen is just getting warmed up and has massive appeal for both men and women. This book currently goes for about $200 raw but I can’t see it staying there long. There are a few ways to play this book. The 1st print cover A is the most obvious play but there is a rare black background version that can be found if you look closely. The Land variant is approaching ghost status, grab one in any condition you can find. I also like the 3rd print which has the design specs for her costume.






bhoward_the_duck_vol.5_1_gwenpool-195x300 Ten Comic Picks for the Next Ten Years

Howard the Duck #1 (1:25 Ron Lim Variant)

Gwenpool is just starting to get warmed up and is going to be a major player in the 20s and beyond.  Her first appearance on the cover may be near impossible to get in a few years (yes, I know her face was on cover A, I am talking about the Lim variant). This book is just a few years old and is getting very hard to find for less than $200 raw. I think that it could be out of reach before we get halfway through the decade. Gwenpool has all the appeal of Spider-Gwen with the edge and humor of Deadpool. I also think that Deadpool Secret Wars #2 1:25 Chris Bachalo variant is a good play here as well. Gwenpool is first seen in comics on the cover of this book but does not appear inside.

All-New Marvel Now! Point One #1

What is the correct way to play Kamala Kahn….this is not an easy question. I am going with Point One #1 because it is her first full appearance and she is on the cover (I don’t care for the variant on this one even though it is a 1:75 as she isn’t on the cover). Purchase Captain Marvel #17, second print if you can find it in any condition, but it is out of reach for most. I am less enamored with Ms. Marvel #14 as it feels overpriced to me but should be picked up for the right price. Kahn is going to be a huge player in both Marvel comics and movies over the next decade. Her appeal rivals both Miles and Gwen.


amazing_fantasyvol._2_15-196x300 Ten Comic Picks for the Next Ten Years

 Amazing Fantasy #15 (2006)

I’m talking about the other, AF #15 here, the first appearance of Amadeus Cho. I wish I had something more tangible to share on this recommendation but the simple fact of the matter is that Cho seems like a super important character for Marvel and has all the makings of a key player for the big screen. This book also is in short supply in high grade. The GoCollect database has a total of 345 listed. That’s far fewer than almost every other book on this list.


Young Avengers #1

There are several reasons to like this book but for the purpose of this article, we are going to talk about Kate Bishop. The new Hawkeye is sure to be a cornerstone character in the comics and movies for the next generation. Kate Bishop will be the focal point of the Young Avengers team in the MCU. There are so many ways to ‘play’ Kate Bishop, Young Avengers #6 is another great book as it also has the first appearance of Stature in it and it is the first time Kate puts the Hawkeye costume on (is this like Avengers #47 and #48???). The Young Avengers are going to happen in the MCU, that said, the team almost certainly won’t be the same team as in this book though. Get it for Kate.


Long-Term Success

There aren’t many hidden gems in this list but rather A+ books that should be in anyone’s collection.  You can create greater value in your collection by holding books long-term rather than by flipping short-term. This simple rule holds true for all types of investing, whether it be stocks or comics.


Thanks for reading.


Mr. Long/Short


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Mitch January 20, 2020 - 5:00 pm

Dude, I’m with you. I’ve got half of those already. I guess it’s time to track down the others!

jim5150 January 20, 2020 - 5:10 pm

Great write up I have every one of these books and I’m holding on to them …..they are long plays though 🙂 But I pick them up when I can !


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