Templar, Arizona Book Three Available For Pre-Order

by Jeff

The third print collection of Templar, Arizona is currently taking pre-orders to cover the costs of printing. Everything Iron Circus Comics has on offer is currently on sale, with sketch commissions available for a limited time as well. With prices reduced, now would be the perfect time to pick up the full set of Templar books.

Templar, Arizona is C. Spike Trotman’s award-winning, critically-acclaimed webcomic. It’s been positively reviewed by The Village Voice blog, Tor.com, Storming the Tower and The Webcomics Examiner, and listed in the top five of ComixTalk’s “100 Greatest Dramatic Webcomics” list. Art from the comic was also featured in Scott McCloud’s “Making Comics.” Print editions of Templar, Arizona feature remastered art, pages of the author’s footnotes, and developmental sketches that rarely find their way online.

The comic itself is the story of a city in the Southwestern desert of an alternate timeline, and the exceedingly strange people who live there. The newest resident is a transplant from Washington state, an introverted writer named Ben. And among the Osiris worshipers, militant communists, violent anarchists, politically formidable whores, and apocalyptic cults of Templar, he’s determined to find himself and run away from himself at the same time.

C. Spike Trotman, or more commonly just Spike, is the writer, artist, and publisher of Templar, Arizona, which updates online on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule at http://www.templaraz.com and is self-published under the “Iron Circus Comics” name. It debuted June 5th, 2005.


The comic: http://www.templaraz/com

The very first page of comic. Start reading here!: http://www.webcomicsnation.com/spike/Templar/series.php?view=single&ID=422

The comic’s store, with the items on sale: http://ironcircus.bigcartel.com/

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