TELLOS and PERHAPANAUTS Available On The iPhone and iPod Touch

by Jeff

jan082063d TELLOS and PERHAPANAUTS Available On The iPhone and iPod TouchMedia Release — SMASHOUT LLC is proud to announce the upcoming adaptations of two amazing all-ages adventure comics, TELLOS and PERHAPANAUTS, to the iPhone and iPod Touch.

TELLOS is a world populated by mythical and fantastical creatures, by a rag-tag team of unlikely heroes, thrown together to confront a darkness that threatens to spread across the countryside like a plague! Experience the wonders of a world of imagination as the mysteries of Tellos unfold in each issue. The answers are not what you think!

There are places in this world where the fabric of reality has worn thin, where strange and terrible creatures have crossed over to lurk in the shadows and the night. There is an organization dedicated to finding these creatures and sending them back whence they came, sealing the rift behind them, and maintaining the integrity of those borders. The organization is called BEDLAM. Its agents are…The PERHAPANAUTS!

TELLOS is being adapted for the iPhone with the full permission and participation of TELLOS series co-creator Todd DeZago and the estate of its other co-creator, the late Mike Wieringo, represented by his brother, Matt. PERHAPANAUTS is being adapted with the permission and participation of co-creators DeZago and Craig Rousseau.

jul082206d TELLOS and PERHAPANAUTS Available On The iPhone and iPod TouchThe first two issues of each title will be available in the iTunes App Store in July, with the rest to follow soon after. Issue #1 of each will be free downloads, with the remaining issues at $0.99 each.

“I’ve been a fan of TELLOS since it launched at Image, and I’m excited to bring this series to a wider audience,” says Steve Horton of SMASHOUT LLC. “I’m also a fan of PERHAPANAUTS and feel this title deserves more readers. I couldn’t be happier to be a part of this.”

“I can tell you now, there was a time, back during the very beginnings of TELLOS, that Mike and I dreamed that one day people would be able to read it on their phones,” says Todd DeZago, co-creator of TELLOS. “ANd not just one issue, the entire TELLOS saga! Hope you all enjoy it. By thy side!”

DeZago adds: “Being able to read PERHAPANAUTS on my iPhone is just so cool to me! I love it! I think we’re gonna do a story where Choopie is reading it–from over your shoulder!! Look now–there he is!! No, your other shoulder!! Ope–forget it. He’s gone.”

Craig Rousseau: “Well, since Todd doesn’t have an HAVE an iPhone, let me say I can’t wait to let him read ’em on my iPhone!”

21.4 million iPhones and 13 million iPod Touches have been sold since the launch of each product, giving TELLOS and PERHAPANAUTS access to a massive userbase. Additionally, Apple is expected to announce a new iPhone or iPhones at the Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference, taking place June 8-12 in San Francisco.

SMASHOUT LLC ( is a new startup devoted to adapting quality comics to the iPhone with creative and financial participation of the creators. Titles scheduled for launch in 2009 include TELLOS, by Todd DeZago and Mike Wieringo; PERHAPANAUTS, by DeZago and Craig Rousseau; THE MAN CALLED A-X, by Marv Wolfman and Shawn McManus; FEATHER, by Steve Uy; and OFFCASTES, by Mike Vosburg, with many more titles on the way.

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