TCG Gems in Heritage’s 3/22 Weekly Auction

by Lauren Sisselman

032123E-1024x536 TCG Gems in Heritage’s 3/22 Weekly AuctionCollecting trading cards has been a time-honored tradition for generations. From baseball cards to Pokemon cards, there’s a trading card for every kind of fan! Trading card games focus on the gaming aspect of certain trading cards — such as the previously mentioned Pokemon and the widely popular Magic: The Gathering.

Magic: The Gathering – Swords to Plowshares

Screenshot-2023-03-21-105439-180x300 TCG Gems in Heritage’s 3/22 Weekly Auction

It’s always a delight when we have Alpha cards in an auction. These cards can be highly collectible, and in some cases can fetch an impressive amount of money. Swords to Plowshares only had 4500 printed, so finding one of these can be very exciting. This CGC blue label NM/Mint 8 is very appealing and would look great in any collection. But what is it potentially worth?

Ungraded cards have a median listing price of $2,829.99 — but graded cards might not fare as well. In August of 2022 a CGC blue label 9 sold for $660 through Heritage. In November of 2022, a CGC blue label 6 sold for $660, indicating that a higher-graded card could be worth more. This card will likely hit $600, but I don’t see it going much higher. If you’re looking for this card for your collection, this could be an ideal time to buy it!

Yu-Gi-Oh! 1st Edition Raging Battle Booster Pack Group of Nine

Screenshot-2023-03-21-105617-163x300 TCG Gems in Heritage’s 3/22 Weekly Auction

Yu-Gi-Oh’s Raging Battle expansion was released in early 2009 and features 99 cards to help players build their deck and send opponents into the Shadow Realm. The expansion is a part of the OCG game, being the fourth set of the sixth series. If you’re new to collecting Yu-Gi-Oh!, don’t let the confusing numbering deter you. This is still a great series to collect, and this expansion pack includes cards such as Forbidden Chalice and Power Tool Dragon.

This group lot of nine unopened booster packs is great for anyone who likes to take chances. I’m a fan of these types of lots, as they could be worth more than your winning bid. Each pack contains 9 cards, giving you a one in 81 chance of finding a rare card. Heritage notes these packs as being in excellent condition.

Pokemon Gyarados 1st Edition 

Screenshot-2023-03-21-105748-180x300 TCG Gems in Heritage’s 3/22 Weekly Auction

While a certain fire-type dragon might get all of the attention, don’t sleep on the water-type dragon, Gyarados! This powerful Pokemon evolves from Magikarp, which might not be everyone’s favorite — but it just goes to show that a good glow-up can change your world! Gyarados is a part of the original 151 Pokemon, being released in the first base card set.

This card is a first edition from the base set, with a blue label CGC VG/Ex+ 4.5. The market price for ungraded cards is $327.99 — comparatively, a PSA Gem Mint 10 sold for $2,280 in December of 2022 on Heritage. As this is a lower-grade card, this could potentially break $150. In February of 2023, a CGC 5 sold for $192, and I personally don’t see this card beating that price, but it is possible. This card is perfect for lower-grade collectors, or anyone who needs a Gyarados card that still has a lot of eye appeal. After all, gotta catch ’em all!

000080221A_Games-1-Footer TCG Gems in Heritage’s 3/22 Weekly Auction*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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