TCG Gems in Heritage’s 3/1 Weekly Auction

by Lauren Sisselman

020723C-2-1024x536 TCG Gems in Heritage’s 3/1 Weekly AuctionCollecting trading cards has been a time-honored tradition for generations. From baseball cards to Pokemon cards, there’s a trading card for every kind of fan! Trading card games focus on the gaming aspect of certain trading cards — such as the previously mentioned Pokemon, as well as the widely popular Magic: The Gathering.

Pokemon Japanese Jungle Group of Four

Screenshot-2023-02-28-221158-181x300 TCG Gems in Heritage’s 3/1 Weekly Auction

If you’re looking to really grow your Pokemon card collection, don’t ignore the original Japanese cards. While they might not be as monetarily valuable as their American counterparts, they are still a worthwhile collectible. After all, Pokemon was created in Japan. Collecting cards in group lots is also a great way to grow a collection without spending a ton of money — whether the cards are graded or not.

This group of four blue-label CGC cards that have high grades. Snorlax and Flareon both have a grade of Gem Mint 9.5, while Jolteonand Vaporeon has a grade of Mint 9. If these were the American edition cards this lot could potentially go for a few hundred each. But, these are Japanese cards, so you will likely pay less.

Magic: The Gathering Fourth Edition Sealed Booster Box

Screenshot-2023-02-28-221438-300x195 TCG Gems in Heritage’s 3/1 Weekly Auction

Magic: The Gathering’s fourth edition came at a crucial time for Wizards of the Coast. M: TG was insanely popular on its release.So much so that at times Wizards had trouble keeping up with demand. This expansion was unique — there was an equal number of common, uncommon, and rare cards in this set. This print run had around 500 million cards, so if you ever played M: TG you likely used a card from this set.

This sealed booster box contains 36 sealed booster packs, with 15 cards each. That gives you 540 cards total, some of which could be worth serious money. However, as we’ve discussed before, sealed packs and sealed booster boxes can go for serious money. In November of 2022 a similar booster box sold for $1,440 — yet a year prior another fourth edition sealed booster box sold for $1,980. Prices on collectibles do fluctuate, so if you’re looking at this box as an investment, I wouldn’t worry too much. If you’re a collector, now is the time to buy.

Magic: The Gathering Vesuvan Doppelganger

Screenshot-2023-02-28-221652-179x300 TCG Gems in Heritage’s 3/1 Weekly Auction

Released with the Unlimited Edition set, Vesuvan Doppelganger takes on the characteristics of a card in play. This rare card is certainly a powerful one and would be a fine addition to any collection. Ungraded, this card has a median price point of $308.83 — but the condition of the card will determine the value. The overall market price has dropped significantly in the past three months for this card — in late January this card was selling for over $400, while currently, the price is sitting at $96.

This blue label CGC 8.5 NM/Mint+ is appealing. Heritage sold a similar card with a grade of 7.5 twice in September of 2022. On September 7 the card sold for $204, while on September 28 another one sold for $180. If you’re looking for this card to add to your collection, now is the time to buy. Prices could potentially go back up, but that may not happen for a while.

000080221A_Games_2-Footer TCG Gems in Heritage’s 3/1 Weekly Auction*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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