TCG Gems in Heritage’s 12/14 TCG Select Auction

by Lauren Sisselman

121322D-1024x536 TCG Gems in Heritage’s 12/14 TCG Select AuctionCollecting trading cards has been a time-honored tradition for generations. From baseball cards to Pokemon cards, there’s a trading card for every kind of fan! Trading card games focus on the gaming aspect of certain trading cards — such as the previously mentioned Pokemon, as well as the widely popular Magic: The Gathering.

Magic the Gathering: Old Man of the Sea 

Screenshot-2022-12-13-124432-180x300 TCG Gems in Heritage’s 12/14 TCG Select Auction

If you’re looking to start a Magic: The Gathering Arabian Nights collection, let me turn you to this card right here. Old Man of the Sea is one of the harder cards to find for your collection, especially in a higher grade. Interest in this card has gone up over the past three months, with the median price for an ungraded card sitting at $424.99. Of course, this blue label CGC 8.5 NM/Mint+ will most likely go for much more than that.

Currently, there are only 8 graded higher, making this one heck of a find.

Magic the Gathering: Mishra’s Workshop

Screenshot-2022-12-13-124609-179x300 TCG Gems in Heritage’s 12/14 TCG Select Auction

Mishra’s Workshop from the Antiquities Set is a card new collectors should not overlook! This sought-after card is one of the harder ones to find, and even in ungraded condition, the card’s median price is $3,699.99. This blue label CGC 8 NM/Mint is a sight to behold, and only 28 are graded higher.

Heritage has sold a similar card previously, with an ending price of $2,640 in May 2022. Interest in this card has softened within the last three months, but don’t let that stop you. This card will most likely be a hot item again.

Weiss Schwarz Lightning Flash, Asuna

Screenshot-2022-12-13-124751-180x300 TCG Gems in Heritage’s 12/14 TCG Select Auction

Weiss Schwarz is a trading card game featuring a number of different anime characters from series such as Love Live!, Batman Ninja, Attack on Titan, and Sword Art Online, to name a few. This card features Asuna from Sword Art Online, but unlike the regular version, this version is rare — it features Haruka Tomatsu’s autograph. Tomatsu has been the voice actress for Asuna since 2012.

This autograph is pretty rare, with a median asking price of $50,000 for ungraded cards. This blue label CGC 9 Mint is a spectacular find. While many might overlook this card, I urge you to not. This is a true collector’s piece.

Pokemon Charizard 

Screenshot-2022-12-13-124949-183x300 TCG Gems in Heritage’s 12/14 TCG Select Auction

We’ve seen Charizard cards in previous Heritage auctions, and one thing is always certain — Charizard is a hot card and goes for a lot of money. In September 2022, a Japanese version with a grade of PSA GEM Mint 10 sold for $264,000. An English version with the same grade sold for $336,000 in March 2022. But what about lower-graded ones?

This blue label CGC 5 Excellent is still a desirable card, and won’t cost you a mortgage to afford. To compare, a PSA 6 sold for $4,920 in February 2022. This makes for a much more affordable card, and while you may not see countless thousands if you were to resell, you most likely won’t lose money either.

Like I said earlier, Charizard is the hottest Pokemon card — collectors will always want one, despite the grade.

Do you collect TCGs? Tell us about your collection in the comments below!

000080221A_Games_2-Footer TCG Gems in Heritage’s 12/14 TCG Select Auction*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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