Tantalizing Texts for Tiny Tots

by Ariel Lazo

a16cd58690814cfc345cad9e9048c49f-300x135 Tantalizing Texts for Tiny TotsSince we are all locked in and many of us with tiny tots, why not give them something to read! Not only will it inspire creativity but it will also help them develop their vocabulary. See it’s a win-win for everyone! Below is a list of some books and titles to entice your kiddies to read.




767156_bf529b6a199a6f8a9b829adac4f00147a5426e20-203x300 Tantalizing Texts for Tiny TotsDisney Incredibles 2 Slow Burn

Featuring a new villain named Slow Burn, The Incredibles must come together to stop this foe once and for all. This is a great read especially for younger kids due to the familiarity with the hit movie. In addition, it is only a 3-part series that makes it even easier for them to digest. Dash is the focal point in this series with changes and new responsibilities relating to his powers.




Disney Princess Friends Family Fantastic TP

This is perfect for those who love everything about Disney Princesses. Not only do they include never before read stories, but they include little infographics on all your favorite princesses! Seeing that not many more movies will be made in the near future this would be great for them to read and maybe even improve their memory. Play Kid’s Jeopardy with the information on the princesses and have fun!


Care Bears Unlock the Magic TP766678_care-bears-unlock-the-magic-1-194x300 Tantalizing Texts for Tiny Tots

Here we share the adventures of Good Luck Bear, Funshine Bear, Cheer Bear, Grumpy Bear, and Share Bear as they travel to the Silver Lining. Along with their pals, the Whiffles, they protect this land of mirth and magic. Care Bears is a classic that is loved by all ages. Spend time reading these tales and tell your kids about the first time you ever saw the Care Bears.

Go Go Power Rangers #30

Another classic! Come on we all remember the amazing Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! Here Jason, Trini, and Zack are encountering new threats as Omega Rangers! Plus we see Lord Zed unleashing all his forces to obtain something that will finally take down our beloved Rangers for good! But don’t fret, our favorite Ranger Tommy is here as well but only at half power, leading Kimberly and Billy into battle. Will our Ranger’s pull through?



Marvel Action Captain Marvel #4

Honey, we’ve shrunk Captain Marvel! Captain Marvel has been many things, especially an icon and inspiration to all women. Now she must be a driving instructor to none other than Nadia Van Dyne a.k.a. The Unstoppable Wasp! Like she isn’t stressed enough, now she must teach her bestie how to drive! Unfortunately, A.I.M. is never far behind and with some stolen Pym particles, they have made our heroes tiny. What will they do now? Will they be able to pack a wallop in a tiny size? One way to find out!



STL143332-205x300 Tantalizing Texts for Tiny TotsMarvel Vault of Heroes Thor TP Vol 1

This collection of stories tells the tale of how Thor, God of Thunder came to be on Earth. Here we see how fighting his various enemies shaped him to be the hero we know him to be. This is a great read for any young child to start their journey into the world of Asgard and Thor.







Hope these titles help you not only entertain the young ones but also bond with them. Remember, to many these are just comics, but these stories stimulate creativity, memory, and get them to sit still for a few minutes so you can get a few seconds of precious silence! Umm I mean, nope that’s exactly what I mean. Ha ha ha. Being stuck at home does not mean you can’t close your eyes and travel to the stars in your mind. Enjoy reading with your kids and help them explore the comic world.

Till Next Time Happy Hunting!


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