Taking Off – Wings Comics at Heritage

by Blaise Tassone

Wings Comics was an aviation anthology title published by Fiction House from September 1940 to September 1954. In recent years, the appeal of Wings Comics for Golden Age collectors has centered mainly on the prominent use of the ‘Good Girl’ theme adorning so many of its classic covers.

Currently, no less than two of these classic Wings Good Girl covers are up for auction at Heritage.

As I pointed out in a previous blog post on Wings Comics around five months ago (http://blog.gocollect.com///babes-and-planes-golden-age-wings-comics/), this comic, especially in its later issues, seemed to go out of its way to include every sexy woman on its covers. With bondage themes also a regular feature, as I put it in that previous post, “Wings Comics was all about planes and babes”.

The two issues currently on auction at Heritage are Wings #90 and Wings #94. Since these are both bondage covers, it will be interesting to see if the trend from half a year ago of rising prices for these covers continues.

wings-90-199x300 Taking Off - Wings Comics at Heritage Wings Comics #90 (February 1948) – Bob Lubbers’ Cover

Bob Lubbers was an art director at Fiction House who eventually started working up front designing covers and internal art for various titles. As an artist, Lubbers is best known for his “Good Girl” art and his contributions to Wings.

Lubbers’ bondage covers are especially valuable. His cover of Wings #90 is no exception. With only 58 copies recorded on the CGC census and only 6 of those at the 9.4 grade (the highest grade known to exist), the sky is the limit for where this auction could end. To get an idea of the kind of prices collectors will pay, we can look at previous auctions and similar books that have been sold. Wings Comics #89, for example, also has a Lubbers’ bondage cover and 34 known copies of the CGC census. A 9.0 of that issue sold on Heritage Auction for a strong $2,629, back on 2-22-12. Issue #90 is even rarer and has sold for highs of $4,000 (on ComicConnect ending 8-31-18). Overstreet has the “Classic Good Girl Covers” between issues #89 and #94 as valued at around just over $1,000 in 9.2 Near Mint Minus grade.

Presently, the high bid on Wings #90 stands at $900 with three more days to go. Check it out here.


wings-94-203x300 Taking Off - Wings Comics at Heritage Wings Comics #94 (June 1948) – Classic Bondage Cover

Another Lubbers cover in the same vein can be found on Wings Comics #94; this time featuring bondage in the air. A shapely blonde is tied to the top of the fuselage of a fighter plane! This is another of Bob Lubbers’ famous bondage covers produced for Wings Comics in the late 40s. Issue #94 has 37 copies on the CGC census. The copy currently up for sale at Heritage is a certified 9.0. The last time this comic went up for auction (5-10-18) it sold for $2,151, which is far above currently listed Overstreet value. Will it surpass its previous price? Stay tuned, we’ll know in a few days.

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