Take Flight With Weapon Alpha

by Norman Robinson III

130112_fb0225c3e4ce8daabe8e7de41d44b83e437a97a9-199x300 Take Flight With Weapon AlphaThe early bird gets the worm. Yes, take flight with these Canadian superheroes. Folks their books are still dirt cheap. Now not everyone is into Alpha Flight, but I always thought they were cool, and there was an interesting tie-in with Wolverine. The best character of the Alpha Flight crowd was Guardian, a hero with a suit like Iron Man’s but less omnipotent. In fact, you might refer to him as Alpha Flight’s para-Iron Man. He first appeared in X-men #109 in 1978. His suit was trey cool, and he didn’t even have an annoying Canadian accent. This book has some rocking good returns with almost all aspects of this comic in the profitable part of the ledger. Weapon Alpha has peak physical abilities, strength, flight, force field, and energy blasts. Originally an oil drillers suit, James Hudson modifies the armor into Guardian. Can your returns fly high with Weapon Alpha (Guardian)?

X-Men #109

The first time we see Weapon Alpha he tries to recover Wolverine for the Canadian government. Unfortunately, for him, the X-Men are too powerful. Weapon Alpha is beaten by this world-class team. I mean come on, no way he wins in a matchup with one of the premier teams in Marvel. Might as well take on the Avengers while he is at it. Alpha Flight is a fun team, with lots of different types of characters including a dwarf superhero (sorry, not politically correct I know). That we don’t usually see in comics. I thought Puck was cool. No, I have not lost my mind.

The first appearance of Guardian was in X-Men #109 created by John Byrne, and Dave Cockrum (art). Chris Claremont was on the X-men during that time so he had a part to play with this character.  Eventually, John Byrne takes over the writing and art for Alpha Flight. Unfortunately, the best character they kill off early, you guessed it, Guardian. They do this before Guardian even has a couple of years interacting in Marvel. It is like, nope not selling “kill him!”

Currently, the X-Men #109 has (9.8) mint $1150 FMV as this comic book is the first appearance of Guardian. Additionally, entry-level is really cheap which is great news if you like Guardian and X-men connection for a future speculative long shot. You can still pick one up for around $110 in grade (9.2) FMV online. The returns on this bad boy are positive +11.1% in (9.2), (9.8) returns positive +39.2% and a grade (5.5) returns a whopper at positive +58.5%. Furthermore, the CGC Census on this book is still reasonable at 1365 issues in inventory.

Alpha Flight #1

If this book is still too much, try simply buying a raw copy of Alpha Flight #1. This is the first for their own issue and is actually a pretty good story. If you spend around $100 you can own it in (9.8) which returns a home run return of positive +101.2%, this is per GoCollect’s analysis with 10,000 potential books tracked. Notation on this investment it has a weird striation I haven’t seen with the lower grades showing losses and the higher grades showing large gains relatively. There are a lot of these books out there, perhaps this is an element of too many issues on market.

Fly high over the Aurora Borealis with Alpha Flight #1 their first series. If you prefer Weapon Alpha’s (Guardian) first appearance try X-Men #109 a little more expensive. Either purchase has room to run, but try to stay in the near mint grades if possible. The lower grades as mentioned are a little off with regards to the series. Weapon Alpha or Alpha Flight or both will appear someday, bet on it.

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