Take a dip in the Gwenpool!

by Michael Vlachakis

727961_howard-the-duck-1-gwenpool-variant-198x300 Take a dip in the Gwenpool!

Sometimes a character is well crafted with a sharp back story, fun powers, and is highly relatable to the reader audience.  Other times you get Gwenpool.However Gwenpool came to be, it seems like she is a popular character with a great deal of spunk.  Marvel loves to popularize her and fans seem to embrace her from a marketing standpoint.  Although a relatively new character to the Hero gallery, Gwenpool seems to be popping up on platforms from comics to games and other merchandise as well as being a standard-bearer for the new Marvel which is trying to become more young, edgy, and diverse.  As we look for Gwenpool to develop over time, I wanted to take a look at her first appearance and see if the speculation trend is following the exposure and popularity of the character.

Gwenpool is actually a normal-ish young lady with a kooky backstory.  Gwen Poole, as she is known, is a comic fan who is aware that the Marvel Universe is just comic books.  Finding herself transferred into the Marvel Universe, Gwen’s tailor makes the mistake of thinking she is associated with Deadpool due to her name.  This leads to Gwen receiving a costume in the guise of Deadpool with a pink color tone and picking up the moniker “Gwenpool.”  From there, Gwen takes on the role of a mercenary for hire and crosses paths with many Marvel heroes and villains as both a star-struck fan and participant in the story…knowing again she is just in a comic.  Her encyclopedic knowledge of comics and their attributes gives Gwen an advantage over the stories she intertwines with.

Gwenpool made her debut in Howard the Duck #1.  Don’t get confused here….not that Howard the Duck #1, the other one, no….the other one.  You want the January 2016 offering, which also has multiple variant covers to make things a bit more complex.  Trend analytics show prices increasing in grades from 9.0-9.6.  Although data shows a slight declining trend in the 9.8 grade, the trend seems to be dwindling and there is value to be had on the market.  A copy of HtD#1 can be pick up on eBay for under $100 while some copies still sell over that price threshold.

For fans who are looking for a more exclusive version of Gwenpool’s first appearance can search out copies of Howard the Duck #1 (Lim Variant).  The price-point for this book is higher (around $400 on the open market) due to the rarity and the amazing Lim cover art featuring Gwenpool making a breakout statement.  Trend analysis shows 9.8 Graded copies increasing rapidly, up over 40% in the short term.  Snag a copy and hold onto it while we await a Gwenpool reveal!

Gwenpool seems poised for a breakout as she is further developed as a character and is pushed into further exposure.  The desire for “content” in video games, TV, movies, and other mediums will definitely spell more opportunities for the marketing of Gwenpool to a younger and broader audience.  Being a fun, female, and violent addition to the MCU could also be a future role for Gwen.  With the popularity of Deadpool and Deadpool 2 (both Rated R), studios may look to open up a new market segment using a tested formula for box office success.

Do you hope to one day see Gwenpool on the movie screen?  Is there a character that is new to the Marvel Universe that you would like to see get a huge push?  Leave your comments below and join the conversation.

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