Tactical Gambits

by Michael Vlachakis

146670_fd84d6a0ec576399508af69d9a677deb63cab121-193x300 Tactical Gambits

Are you ready for the Gambit movie? Is it coming out this summer? No. How long have you been waiting?  I have been waiting so long I am beginning to think a Gambit movie is a bad idea…because if it was a good idea, it would have been made and released by now.  Did I miss something?  When did Gambit go from the shadowy, slow-drawled, card throwing, kinetic energy wielding New Orleans Ninja to Magic Mike: Big Easy?  Give your pole a twirl and join us as we investigate!

Remy LeBeau, or the mutant know as Gambit, first appeared in Uncanny X-men #266 in August of 1990.  The smooth-talking Cajun was an instant hit with readers and was a welcomed addition to the X-men roster shortly after his introduction.  Copies of Uncanny X-men #266 are popular and plentiful on the open market and typically see peaks and valleys like many books with higher census numbers.  Fair Market Value (FMV) for 9.8 grades sits at $425 and copies commonly sell above and below that threshold.  Typically, we are seeing prices start to tip over FMV, which means we may be due for a price shift on this book relatively soon.  Most copies on the market are Direct copies, with the little Spidey head in the white box, as in our featured image.  There is a Newsstand variant of this book, in 9.8, with the UPC/Barcode, but I have personally only seen a few, and they typically sell for well above FMV (being a book from 1990, there were a limited amount of Newsstand books in comparison to Direct copies).

So lets breakdown Gambit from what we know so far.  There was Gambit from X-men Origins: Wolverine movie…hmmph…sorry about that, I just threw up in my mouth a little…I’m OK.  Luckily, we can just move on from that, but unfortunately cannot forget it.  There have been rumors, and confirmations, and back-outs, and re-confirmations of a Gambit movie starring Channing Tatum.  Though to be fair, this has been going on for years, and although the movie is noted as in pre-production on IMDB with a release date of 2020, I would not hold my aces waiting for it.

I hate to be the downer (most regular readers can probably discern from my regular Fox and Sony’s Universe bashing, I am not thrilled by these stand-alone offerings) but I don’t fully see the need for a Gambit movie outside of any X-men interaction.  Unfortunately we may be getting just that whether we like it or not.  I am sure that you could make an interesting movie that hashes out the back story for Remy and how he used his power for good and blah, blah, blah…but just because you can, it doesn’t mean you should.  As with these stand alone Sony and Fox movies, it would most likely come off as contrived and uninspired.  Also, I like Channing Tatum and would gladly support him as a superhero in a film, but other than some southern roots and New Orleans ties, I don’t see him portraying Gambit well on screen.  Despite the upcoming train wreck of a movie, I still see significant value in  Uncanny X-men #266 and the star-power of Gambit.  With copies plentiful on the market and speculation shoes waiting to drop, now is a great time to snag a copy and wait for the price pop.

Do you have issues with movies being speculated about prior to production?  Is Channing Tatum the best choice for Gambit?  Drop your comments and join in the speculation!


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