Swamp Thing Keys!

by Mike W

gallerycomics_v_1900x900_20131204_sagaswampthing_v5_52acb0c5150c45-69131558-300x142 Swamp Thing Keys!It has been confirmed once again! Swamp Thing is coming to live-action, television once again! This time around, it appears the show will be appearing on the CW network. The show was confirmed last year thru the DC Universe network. The show was abruptly canceled on the network after just one episode. It appears the CW network plans on bringing the show to life this fall. If you feel like picking some Swamp Thing keys, here are some books to grab.


Who is Swamp Thing?

To start things off, Swamp Thing is a creature that resembles an anthropomorphic mound of vegetable matter. He is known as a humanoid monster that protects the environment and all living things around him. There have many different characters who became Swamp Thing, but it appears the popular choice would be Alec Holland. This character has been used in the animated and live-action series in the past. This also includes his use in the movies in the early 1980s.



The first appearance of Swamp Thing goes back to 1971 in House of Secrets #92. A classic cover of Bernie Wrightson and a book that I own personally. Though, the character in this series is Alex Olsen. I would say this issue should be picked up if you really like the book. The fair market value (FMV) of a 9.8-grade copy is $44,000. In addition, as I mentioned above, it appears that this character and backstory is not popular with fans. So this issue is a key book, though, just something that the majority of people cannot afford.

hos-203x300 Swamp Thing Keys!











The key issue that has been catching heat is Swamp Thing #1. This issue features the first appearance and origin of Alec Holland. Holland is the second incarnation of Swamp Thing. He is the popular choice that has been used in the past for Swamp Thing. The issue itself is very affordable in all grades and expect the value of this book to continue to climb. Especially since House of Secrets #92 is out of reach for many collectors, Swamp Thing #1 will be the key to grab.

alec-202x300 Swamp Thing Keys!











Swamp Thing #2 is another important key. It portrays the first appearance of Anton Arcane. He is the antagonist of the Swamp Thing. It is pretty much confirmed he will be on the TV show as the main nemesis to Alec Holland.

anton-209x300 Swamp Thing Keys!











It is also confirmed that Abby Arcane will appear on the television show. Her first appearance is in Swamp Thing #3. She will be playing the love interest in the show, as every show needs, one along with the heroine. The connection is she is the niece of the main antagonist, Anton Arcane. So the tension between these three individuals should be continuous throughout the series as a whole.

abby-202x300 Swamp Thing Keys!










Another character that could be recurring is the Floronic Man (Plant Master). His first appearance is in The Saga of Swamp Thing #21. This character’s name is Jason Woodrue and in the comics, he tries to find out how Holland becomes the Swamp Thing. If anything, he is envious, like any antagonist, and wants to have powers like Holland. So I could see him be one of the big bad villains for a season on TV.

plant-198x300 Swamp Thing Keys!

Otherwise, there is no guarantee that the key issues will go up due to the television show, but if you can obtain it for a good price, why not? Thanks for reading and happy hunting.


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