SWAMP THING – House of Secrets #92 and Swamp Thing #1

by James Jou

122738_3d01fe62d0c07e5e2b2ebd628b932595a096109c-1-203x300 SWAMP THING – House of Secrets #92 and Swamp Thing #1Just how powerful is Swamp Thing? From his humble beginnings as a swamp monster to the infinitely powered Alan Moore version. Could Swamp Thing take on Superman? As an avatar of the Green, in theory Swamp Thing would be unkillable on Earth, but what if Superman took the fight to space?

Random thoughts about Swamp Thing’s abilities asides, here we will examine the market for the two most important key comic books of Swamp Thing.




Swamp Thing first appeared in the “Swamp Thing” story of House of Secrets #92, which focuses on his tragic origins. While the scientist Alex Olsen and his wife Linda had a happy marriage, Damien Ridge’s jealousy of their love grew. In a Shakespearean fashion, Damien kills Alex under the guise of a lab accident, and marries the widowed Linda. Even in her new marriage, Linda still often thinks about Alex. This causes Damien to worry that she might learn the truth of his murder, so he resorts to the thing he knows best and plots to murder her as well. Unfortunately for Damien, Alex comes back to life (memories) as the Swamp Thing and kills him. To make things even more tragic, Linda doesn’t recognize the Swamp Thing for Alex and only sees a horrifying monster; condemning them to their separate and lonely lives.

The graphs below shows sales for House of Secrets #92, graded CGC 8.5/8.0 and 6.5/6.0, which represent the top 18.9/27.6% and 58.7/66.2% of the CGC census.

st_1a-300x181 SWAMP THING – House of Secrets #92 and Swamp Thing #1 st_2b-300x181 SWAMP THING – House of Secrets #92 and Swamp Thing #1

Overall, sales prices for House of Secrets #92 have been on a climb since 2015; but dramatically turned negative in early 2019. This change can be primarily attributed to the cancellation of the live action Swamp Thing television series. In the last few months, sales prices have almost reverted completely to the early 2018 levels just prior to any official news announcements about the TV series.

Interestingly, this recent falling knife of sales prices presents a very unique opportunity. At the moment of this article’s writing, the value loss is coincidentally similar in magnitude to the gain from the TV series. It’s nearing, if not at, the levels prior to TV show hype. Although catching the proverbial knife is never a good idea, the possibility of it turning around could be imminent. This coupled with the natural positive growth that the book experienced in the years prior suggest a healthy long-term outlook; back to the slow and steady.



123879_9a11e327f0a7841bfe3f1631047331e451073506-202x300 SWAMP THING – House of Secrets #92 and Swamp Thing #1SWAMP THING #1 (1972)

The Swamp Thing that appears in this issue is the Alec Holland iteration. Alec Holland and his wife Linda are scientists who are trying to develop a chemical growth accelerator that can help plants grow in harsh ecosystems. When the criminal organization Conclave tries to buy the chemical, the Hollands refuse. In frustration, the Conclave’s henchmen blow up their lab; which results in Alex being exposed the chemical and dying in the swamp. Eventually, the Conclave also come for Linda. Alec comes back to life (memories) as the Swamp Thing, but arrives too late to save his wife.

Below is sales for Swamp Thing #1, graded CGC 9.4 and 9.2, the top 19.5% and 33.3% of the census.

st_3c-300x180 SWAMP THING – House of Secrets #92 and Swamp Thing #1

Oddly enough, sales prices for Swamp Thing #1 did not experience the same dramatic decline that the above House of Secrets #92 did following the cancellation of the Swamp Thing TV series. On the other hand, it also did not have the same steady growth in the years prior either. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to take some profits off the table at the current levels. Unless a second season to the TV series is announced, sales prices will probably be flat at best to the slight negative side.




  • House of Secrets #92 – Timing the bottom of a falling knife is impossible. With this in mind, at the current sales levels, this book does have a very attractive long-term outlook.
  • Swamp Thing #1 – REDUCE



“This body imprisons me in more ways than one… refuses to help me rid myself of it…!” – Swamp Thing



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