Suspended Animation: Strange Space Stories #1

by Jeff

Suspended Animation Review

StrangeSpaceStories Suspended Animation: Strange Space Stories #1Strange Space Stories #1, published by Main Enterprises, 36 pages, $3.25. Available through mail order.

Small press offerings are often “iffy”. What you get can range from highly entertaining to barely passable comics material. However, any time you are dealing with creators who possess the desire, ingenuity, and good ol’ fashioned “pluck” it requires to produce and distribute a series, or even a single issue, I consider it a worthwhile gamble. That being the case, fans of the science fiction fare of the 50’s should roll the dice on Strange Space Stories #1, from Main Enterprises.

SUSPEND Suspended Animation: Strange Space Stories #1Containing material which serves as an artistic “salute” to the late Wally Wood, Strange Space Stories opens with the tale of a futuristic space ark, and closes with a yarn about a young boy who sees Martians. In between the two is a prose work dealing with a renegade android, on the run with blood on her hands.

In “The Ark”, written and illustrated by John Lambert, with embellishments by Robert Sumner, the inhabitants of Baylushia are gratified by the appearance of a strange asteroid, believing it a sign of good tidings from the gods. They are never aware, however, of the dramatic tableau which takes place to right the course of this “asteroid”, saving their planet.

“Strange Frequencies”, by Robert Sumner, finds young Thomas Milton’s passion with sci-fi and adventure programs on the radio seemingly affecting his outlook on real life. But, is little Thomas only imagining things, or…?

Sam Gafford’s prose tale, “A Bucket of Nerves”, with illustrations by Dan Taylor, is a futuristic “gumshoe” tale containing mystery, action, political/corporate intrigue, and a beautiful dame, to boot; all with a decidedly science fiction twist. It is engaging and well-paced.

Pin-ups are provided throughout by Marc Haines, Miguel Guerra, Rene Blansette, Jason Gillespie, Jim Pack, and Tim Tobolski.

An entertaining distraction, Strange Space Stories #1 is recommended for older readers. For ordering information, contact Jim Main at .

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Review by Mark Allen.

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