SUSPENDED ANIMATION: Michael Vance’s Farewell

by Jeff

Suspended Animation Review

Today is a day of good news. Hurrah! This is my last column for Suspended Animation.

Why is that good news?

In February of 1989, I wrote: “The truth, however, is that there are comics for adults, and they are capable of looking profoundly into the human condition,” and Suspended Animation was born. In that column, I wanted to introduce adults to the idea that there were comics titles they could enjoy. I believe I accomplished that.

I also wrote: “The purpose of this new weekly column is to review the best and worst in comics. We will review comics written and drawn solely to entertain as well as comics with political, religious, and philosophical slants.” For twenty years, I expressed my opinion on what was the best and worst in comics. Job done.

In fact, at the height of its popularity, Suspended Animation was published in dozens of newspapers and magazines, broadcast on radio, featured on more than one hundred web sites, and read by four million folks interested in comics. It is the longest running comics review column in history.

There is more good news.

Although sales have steadily fallen throughout the past two decades, and I suspect that monthly titles will cease to be published in my lifetime (if I live another twenty years), those who wish to read them will enjoy comic books and strips for many years to come.


Because collecting comic books and strips has become a hobby, millions of copies and thousands of titles remain in collections all over the world. They will continue to be available to buy, sell, and trade long after new comic books and strips are published.

Hardcore fans will continue to produce fanzines about comic books and strips. It is now more affordable to publish them than in the past.

Did you notice the operative word is “continue”. Suspended Animation will be continued by Mark Allen.

I thank my readers for allowing me to write about comics.

Goodbye and God bless.

Continually yours,

Michael Vance

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