Survey Says: The List And Nothing But The List

by Jeff

05/24/07 UPDATE: Please read this quote from a survey response posted today, and weep with me:

There is no text only version of the list with out all the pictures and hyper links that slow down my computer greatly, so i must log in from the local library. Please have the option of text only versions of the mailing list.

As the rest of this post from four days ago shows, not only is there an emailed AND a web “plain text” list available, they’ve been available for MONTHS AND MONTHS. And they’ve not been hidden, either. Blarg!

Here’s one of those rare moments where people with different needs can all be satisfied at once. Allow me a moment to relish this event.

Thanks. Now, onto your comments:

I do not mind the blog format – if it works better for you, by all means stick with it. If it’s not possible to reduce the RSS feed to the basic lists, though, could an RSS feed be generated with just the basic lists?

include adult books in your shipping list

Great work on a VERY Complete and accurate list! However, I wish you could have a more prominent link to the “Old – Style” Text only listing which worked flawlessly.

What’s really spectacular is that I don’t have to create something new to satisfy these requests. The solution has been available for quite some time, and I’m pleased as punch to help you all discover this really cool ComicList feature.

If you want a web based “basic list,” your best bet is the Checklist. There’s no links to Amazon or TFAW, no pictures, just the new releases list. You can even check off the items you are interested in and create your own plain text ComicList.

When it comes to RSS or email, I’ve had a “plain text” ComicList available for months. The following is a link to it:

ncrl?bg=DFBE00&fg=444444&anim=0 Survey Says: The List And Nothing But The List

As of right now, there’s only 93 people subscribed. If you subscribe to it, all you get is one email or feed a week. All you get is the weekly new releases list, with no links or pictures. Neat, huh? This has been advertised on the RSS/Email page for a LONG time.

Oh, it includes the adult books. I added an extra step to the adult content in the regular list by request of loyal readers who didn’t want to get emails containing them. One person’s cherished feature is, I suppose, someone else’s problem.

Please continue to read and answer the survey. I will continue to respond to your comments whenever possible.

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