Survey Says: Adult Items In The ComicList

by Jeff

This wasn’t actually from a survey response, but it is a topic mentioned in some survey responses, so it falls into that realm. Joseph Culp of the Declare The Word International ministry asks “How can you as a Christian list ADULT PRODUCTS?” An excellent question, one I hope to answer as best I can.

CAUTION: this contains the words “Christian” and “God.” If you don’t care to read about such things, go no further.

First, let me be clear: I do not sell or condone “adult products” on this or any web site. I wish they were not part of Diamond’s weekly list of items they are shipping to comic book stores, but they are, and for the sake of historical accuracy, they unfortunately can’t be ignored. In the past, I’ve tried several methods to satisfy the demands of history as well as my own wishes. I’ve put the “adult products” on their own monthly list. I’ve excluded them completely. Now, thanks to blogging, I can put them in their own little corner of the weekly ComicList, so those who have no interest can avoid them, and those that do can see the titles. None of these have been perfect solutions, and none of them ever will be, till Christ comes again and makes the discussion moot.

Joseph goes on to say “maybe you should consider not listing adult products on your web site which you so prominently display a Christian symbol and a verse of the day. Lots of men even Christian men struggle with pornography and by listing your so-called adult titles that are coming out from Diamond comics, help entice men to sin, lust etc.” I understand what he is saying, and we all have to look to our own consciences to see where that line must be drawn. For some, being on the Internet and reading any comic books would be detrimental, as it would cut into time and energy that should be devoted God and His work. For others, they believe there is time for such hobbies, and believe those hobbies can actually be part of God’s work. I do not intend for anything on this site to lead people to sin, but if anyone believes anything posted here does, then they should avoid those places.

As for the broader question of why I have, at various times, placed Christian words and pictures at the top of the web site, I would say this:
1) They are there to remind me where the blessing of this successful web site comes from.
2) They are there to remind me to focus FIRST on God, thus, they are the first thing on the web site.
3) They are there to hopefully bless those who are already saved.
4) They are there to help those who are not saved to be hopefully taken one more step towards salvation.

There are NOT there so I can boast my superiority over anyone, in fact, quite the opposite. They are there to remind me I am nothing without God.

I appreciate Joseph’s input. It’s given me a lot to think and re-think about. Perhaps a small disclaimer before the “adult products” section of the ComicList would be appropriate. Perhaps the “verse of the day” (which isn’t the javascript ‘verse of the day’ anymore, as that was causing issues when browsers tried to load the site) is a spiritual mallet where a more subtle approach is more appropriate.

What do YOU think?

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