Surging Bronze Age Titles

by Matt Tuck

DC-Comics-Presents-47-200x300 Surging Bronze Age TitlesBusiness is booming for Dracula, the New Mutants, and even He-Man and the Masters of the Universe as they lead the pack for the Bronze Age’s hottest comics.

Below you will find the biggest movers of the Bronze Age, which stretches from 1970-1984. They are ranked by number of positions changed according to the GoCollect Hottest Comics index.

Tomb-of-Dracula-1-198x300 Surging Bronze Age Titles74. TOMB OF DRACULA #1 (+247)

Ever since last year’s rumors that Dracula is coming to the MCU either in Moon Knight or the Blade reboot, this has been a popular comic. While there are hundreds of versions of Bram Stoker’s creation floating around in books, movies, comics, and television, comic collectors are aiming for his first official appearance in the Marvel Universe. The surge in popularity has brought this issue up nearly 250 places this month.




New-Mutants-14-194x300 Surging Bronze Age Titles94. NEW MUTANTS #14 (+243)

The New Mutants dominated the Bronze Age top-100 hottest comics as far as movement. Heading the charge is Magik, who will be featured in the Fox/Disney New Mutants movie (and maybe one day we’ll actually get to see it). Her first appearance even surpassed the team’s debut in Marvel Graphic Novel #4, which jumped 217 positions itself.





Marvel-Premiere-1-200x300 Surging Bronze Age Titles62. MARVEL PREMIERE #1 (+153)

How long has it been since Adam Warlock was name-dropped into the MCU? Three years after he was teased in the post-credits of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and there’s still no official confirmation that he’ll be featured in GOTG 3. However, this is a sound investment because eventually this loose end will be tied, and then everything Warlock will get a boost.





New-Mutants-18-197x300 Surging Bronze Age Titles85. NEW MUTANTS #18 (+149)

Speaking of warlocks, Chris Claremont’s character of the same name made his premiere in what has become a hot issue. Not only does the other Warlock debut in N.M. #18, but it also gave readers their first glimpse of the Demon Bear, who is set to make his onscreen arrival in New Mutants.






DC-Comics-Presents-47-200x300 Surging Bronze Age Titles100. DC COMICS PRESENTS #47 (+108)

Out of all the comics in the top 100, this one surprised me the most. DC Comics Presents #47 was the toy marketing crossover that saw Superman meet He-Man. It also happened to be Prince Adam’s first comic appearance. Now I’m hearing the techno-dance version of “What’s Going On?” with laughing He-Man having too much fun.






Doctor-Strange-2-199x300 Surging Bronze Age Titles89. DOCTOR STRANGE #1 (+82)

Although Doctor Strange had been sporting the Eye of Agamotto since the 1960s, it wasn’t until the Bronze Age that Marvel added the “All-Seeing Light of Truth” to its lineup. Although the GoCollect database credits Doctor Strange #1 (vol. 2) with Agamotto’s first appearance, he technically appeared two years prior in 1972’s Marvel Premiere #5.





Mister-Miracle-1-1-200x300 Surging Bronze Age Titles85. MISTER MIRACLE #1 (+89)

With the New Gods feature film on the horizon, collectors are still grabbing up their copies of Mister Miracle’s first appearance. If the movie is a hit, it will prove to be a sound investment.







Strange-Tales-169-199x300 Surging Bronze Age Titles59. STRANGE TALES #169 (+75)

Of all the new characters included in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Brother Voodoo has the opportunity to leave the largest crater in the market. He will likely steal the show and could very well be transitioned into a franchise of his own, be it films and/or a Disney+ series. That will only make Strange Tales #169 that much more collectible.





X-Men-130-197x300 Surging Bronze Age Titles66. X-MEN #130 (+66)

Dazzler may not be getting her Hulu animated series, but she’s still on the minds of collectors. Her first appearance climbed well into the top 100 this month. Will she continue her momentum? We shall see.







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farflyer1 March 27, 2020 - 12:01 am

The Doctor I believe appeared in Marvel Premiere #3, a Barry W Smith Cover with great appeal. Stan Lee dialogue and Smith script. Harder to find in high grade.
Solid affordable long term investment. Presently sleeping before moving higher.. 30+ 9.6 and 5+ 9.8 The National Diamond insert is a still harder copy to find in most grades. There you go “nuff said”. Keep up the good work.


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