Supernatural Law publishes Jimmy Corrigan parody

by Jeff

scariest_kid_3a Supernatural Law publishes Jimmy Corrigan parodyMedia Release — “The Scariest Kid on Earth” the new Supernatural Law tale now in progress at, bears a striking resemblance to Jimmy Corrigan, Chris Ware’s Smartest Kid on Earth. Although this parody originally appeared as a backup in the Supernatural Law #39 print comic, the online version is in full color for the first time. In the story, the scariest kid is a not-so-young werewolf appearing as an attraction in Quimby’s Carnavale & Sideshow. New episodes of the story go up every Monday and Thursday, and it will conclude January 18.

Cartoonist Batton Lash has been chronicling the cases of attorneys Alanna Wolff and Jeff Byrd, Counselors of the Macabre, since 1979, first as a weekly newspaper strip, then as comic books and graphic novels, and for the last four years online as well as in print.

The just completed webcomic storyline, “Rights of the Werewolf,” is the longest story Batton has ever done featuring his characters, taking over a year to unfold. In that saga, an accidental werewolf gets caught up in politics and the media, as “shapeshifter rights” activists take the law into their own hands.

“I love telling werewolf stories,” says Batton, “but readers tell me I don’t do enough of them. So here are two werewolf stories back to back, including one about a ‘ware-wolf.'”

The online version of Supernatural Law is part of, where it has consistently been in the top 20 strips viewed there over the past four years. It also won the Eagle Award for favorite webcomic in 2005.

More information on Batton (who is also the writer of Archie: Freshman Year and of Bongo’s Radioactive Man comics) and Supernatural Law can be found at

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